Our Basement is Done!

Our Work | June 13, 2012

Less than a month ago our basement looked like this. You may remember it from this post
Well I can’t believe it but it’s done! It’s a totally blank slate right now. Not much decorating will be happening down here for awhile since our main priority is finishing up Jett’s room and the Nursery. 
But in the meantime Jett is loving all this new space to play. 
He could do summersaults down here all day. 
It’s not a very large space but it’s going to make such a difference to have the extra room once the baby comes. 
As you can see we have a lot of decorating work to do still. Here is our new vanity in action! The tile was purchased at Lowes. 
This is the soon-to-be office. While I am really sad to be losing my current office I know that the baby is going to enjoy it. Plus this room is bigger and it still gets a lot of natural light. 
I am really excited about having a little bit bigger closet as well to hang all my fabric in. Jett has been loving my closet for playing hide-and-go-seek with Mickey. 
When our contractor Noah told us it would be done in less than a month we were a bit skeptical but he stuck to his word and we have been sooooo impressed with his work. He’s been very efficient and professional and it’s so nice having it done so fast. I would highly recommend him for any project. 
You can contact him at arkassembly@gmail.com
It’s exciting to have a whole new space to decorate! The first step will be buying a sectional and then we’ll take it from there!