An E-Design Nursery Board

Our Work | November 13, 2012

I recently had the opportunity to work with an e-design client on a nursery for her baby-to-be. I think nurseries and kid’s rooms are my very favorite spaces to design. They are so much fun!
This cute client wasn’t finding out the gender of her baby so it was somewhat challenging to design a room that was gender neutral without being too… well… neutral! I think we often play it safe with gender-neutral spaces because we don’t want to go too one way or the other. She wanted a room that had a “well traveled” feel to it with trinkets from around the world. 
She wanted to use this print as the inspiration for the room. I took the color scheme and ran with it. I created a plan that would work for either a boy or girl. 
I ended up doing two boards that were almost identical but I switched up the pillows depending on the gender. 
Here is the “girl” board. 
And here is the “boy”board. 
My client had the idea to keep the crib bedding and the twin bedding somewhat similar so they seemed to fit in the room together and I thought it was a great idea. 
I love how this gender-neutral nursery isn’t neutral at all! It’s fun, vibrant and has the well-traveled feel she asked for. I also love that it’s a space her baby can grow into. It’s not too young feeling or too old. 
I can’t wait to find out what she’s having and see pictures of the finished room!