Best of 6th Street 2012

Our Work | January 1, 2013

To be honest 2012 was not an easy year for me. I spent the first few months pregnant and battling horrible morning sickness. Blogging took a backseat for me as I focused on staying healthy and taking care of myself and my little family. I watched as my design business suffered and my blog readers slowly started slowing down as I posted less and less. It was something that wasn’t easy for me to watch happen. I tried to focus on what was really important and that was my family. Once I got out of that yucky stage I feel like I worked twice as hard before to put out great posts, finish my model  home, catch up with design clients and build my blog back up. It was a year of highs and lows. I’ve put together some of my favorite posts from 2012 for you and in doing so I was reminded of all the wonderful and exciting things that happened for me. But above all the best thing to happen to me in 2012 was the birth of my daughter Jane. 
I hope you enjoy clicking through some of the best of 6th Street from 2012! 
In January I announced on my blog that I was pregnant! But I also let everyone know how sick I was. I was overwhelmed with the supportive comments and everyones’ great advice with morning sickness. While pregnant I attended Alt even though I thought I was going to puke during the whole thing! I revealed a boy’s room  before and after and also put together a raspberry and chartreuse mood board
I’ll be honest, February was a pretty lame month for me. I spent most of the month in bed but I did manage to get out 10 blog posts. Not too impressive but it was the best I could do. My two most popular posts were the E-Design before and after I did for a Paris client and a little boys bedroom reveal

In March I finally started recovering from my first trimester and so I was able to start working again. I played catch up for most of them month with my clients. I also threw a baby shower for one of my best friends.

By April I had all my energy back and I was feeling great! After almost 7 years of being married Josh and I bought our first real kitchen table. (our last one was a hand-me-down).  It was pretty exciting.  I also announced that I was having a girl!  In April I also put together a series called, A Story of a Room where I broke down the entire start-to-finish process of a room I designed. Feeling the spirit of Spring I put together an Outdoor Space mood-board and I also revealed a colorful boys’ nursery that I designed.  I also shared a design tip in Family Circle magazine

We celebrated May by taking a trip to Disneyland!! Happiest place on earth. We started the process of finishing our basement and asked for everyone’s advice on picking out the perfect sectional. I also started redecorating Jett’s room. I posted about my shelving solution for his books and also some DIY cloud art. One of my more popular posts for the month was a post about alternatives to my office curtain fabric. I put together a girl’s room mood board and threw a spring baby shower for one of my best friends! 

In June I attended the annual Utah County Parade of Homes. We also finished our basement which included a debate on which bathroom vanity to buy. The best moment of June for me was the day I bought my dream dresser

July’s posts were mostly about the model home that I finally finished. I posted about the Living, Dining, Master Bedroom and also the Basement

August was an exciting month for us. Ou beautiful baby Jane was born! But before that I blogged about the remaining rooms in the model home, the kid’s room, the office and the bathrooms.  I also toured the Salt Lake City Parade of Homes and my family had a photo shoot by Justin Hackworth. 

In September I kicked off my dream nursery series with nurseries designed by Angie Helm, Gabrielle Savoie, Amanda Carol, Marissa Waddell and Dina Holland. We searched and searched for the perfect sofa bed for our basement and we finally found one at Ikea. I put together a roundup of all my top baby essentials in this post. My favorite post of September was Jett’s bedroom re-do reveal. I love how is room turned out! 

October brought more Dream Nurseries designed by Lindsey Cheek & Shannon Darrough, Erin and Lauren Hufnagl. I spruced up my parent’s bookshelves and shared some tips on decorating your own bookshelves in this post. I loved putting together a “bag of sunshine” in this post. I put up a couple of Halloween decorations and we celebrated Halloween as farm animals this year. My favorite post of October was the reveal of Jane’s nursery and her newborn pictures. Her Nursery was a labor of love for me so it was so great to see the pictures taken by Jylare Smith Photography. 

In November I attended an amazing Handmade Gift Exchange. I also rounded up my favorite Holiday decorating items in this post. I answered a few frequently asked questions about my blog and business. I ordered some beautiful birth announcements for Jane from Minted and I designed a gender neutral nursery for an e-design client. We were also treated to our final nursery in the Dream Nurseries series by Kelsey Grauke.

 I spent the last month of the year blogging about lots of fun Christmas stuff. These Christmas blog posts included gift guides for mom, friends and kids. I shared some gift wrap ideas and my Holiday advent calendar. I shared my Christmas decorations and I also decked out Jett’s room in Christmas decor! To end the year I ordered some family Christmas cards from Minted and sent them to all of our friends and family. 

Word can not even express how grateful I am for each and everyone of you that have read my blog this past year. 2013 has some exciting things hapening! I can’t wait to share them with you. I hope you stick around for the ride.

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