My Tips for Attending Alt

Our Work | January 16, 2013

Two years ago I attended Alt Summit for the very first time. I had heard amazing things about it and I felt so lucky to be able to go. It truly changed my blog and the way I looked at blogging. I learned things that I had never even thought about!  Last year I decided to go again with high hopes that I would make some much needed changes to my blog. Unfortunately the timing wasn’t great and I found out I was pregnant in December.  I got hit with horrible morning sickness and I debated if I was even going to attend the conference or not. I decided to go. It was hard because I learned a lot and made a lot  of goals but honestly I don’t think I implemented any of them. It took all my energy just to keep myself afloat until March and then I spent all of my time playing catch up with my design clients. But mark my words..
I feel so motivated to make some big changes to the way I blog this year and I’m hoping Alt Summit can give me the motivation and knowledge I need. 
For any of you that are going I’ve put together a few of my top tips for attending Alt. 

1. Order Business Cards that Will Make you Stand Out / You’ve probably heard that Alt attendees have some of the most creative business cards you’ve ever seen. For the past two years mine have been super lame. So this year I decided to order some triple thick business cards from Minted. I really wanted to be able to showcase my design work on my cards so I picked a photo from one of my projects for the back. Your business cards should make a statement. Hopefully by looking at mine you will get a feel for what I do and what my style is. 

2. Mingle / To me the biggest benefit of attending Alt is the people that you will meet and the connections that you will make. There are bloggers from all all over the place and they each have something to offer you. If you only talk to people you already know I feel like you are missing out on one of the biggest perks of Alt. Reach outside of yourself and get to know people. 

above outfits from F21
3. Dress to Impress but Stay True to Yourself / You’ve probably heard that Alt attendees pull out all the stops with their outfits. This is no lie. You have some of the most fashionable people all in one place and it’s quite the show. Whatever you do just make sure you are reflecting your own personal style. If tribal isn’t your thing don’t stress. Just dress your personal best. Above all go into with Alt with all the confidence you can muster and you are sure to rock whatever you are wearing! 

4. Get to Know the Sponsors / There are so many amazing sponsors at Alt and of the best things you can do is find out who they are and introduce yourself. Last year I had a great conversation with Natasha from Minted (she was also pregnant and we were both moaning and groaning together about our morning sickness). That connection has turned into some wonderful opportunities for me to work with Minted. Check out the Alt Sponsors page and look at each sponsor closely. Think of ways you could collaborate with them so that you come to the summit prepared to present great ideas to these companies. 
Not going to Alt this year? You don’t have to miss out on all the fun! The Alt blog offers tons and tons of great advice. Plus Alt also offers amazing online classes that you can take for a great deal. 
Stay tuned in the coming weeks to get updates on my time at Alt and my summary of everything I learned!