Some of The Best Items I've Ever Bought For My Home

Our Work | January 17, 2013

I love all the pieces in my home but there are some that I don’t know how I would live without.  Here are some of the best things I’ve ever bought for my home. 
Moroccan Pouf / The Versatile Stepping Stool 
I bought a pouf for Jane’s nursery from Joss & Main and it is one of the hardest working pieces in my home. Not only does it function as an ottoman for late night feedings but Jett rolls it all over the house and uses it as a stepping stool. He can reach anything with the help of this pouf. I love that it can wipe clean easily as well because let’s face it, Jett’s feet aren’t always clean. 
Sometimes it is also used to assist in gymnastic maneuvers. 
My Outdoor Rug / The Warrior Rug 
I am SO glad I got an outdoor rug for our dining area. This rug has sure put up with some intense wear and tear. It has had milk and juice spilled on it, playdough ground into it, snow, sand and dirt wiped all over it and lots and lots of food dropped on it. Since this table is by our back door it also functions as a door mat. We walk right over to it and wipe our feet as soon as we walk in. If you have young kids I can’t imagine any other option than an outdoor rug. We’ve had it for over 3 years and it is still in great shape! 
My Expedit Shelf / A Place For Everything & Everything in it’s Place
This shelf is the best $139 I ever spent. I love how many things I can fit into these square shelves. What I love most about these shelves is that they could work in any room and in any space. No matter where we go in life this shelf will come with me. 
What are some of the best items you’ve bought for your home?