Last Week's Links

Our Work | February 18, 2013

A new week means a new post full of my favorite links from last week! 
1 | Someone have a baby quick so I can buy this mobile for them! 
2 | I am hunting for a way to use this cute art in my home. 
3 | If you are curious about the rules of Social Media Etiquette this is a must read. 
4 | Two of these would look great over nightstands. 
5 | I am pretty sure this Baby Gap swim cap is the cutest thing ever. 
6 | Last week My little sister was called to serve an LDS mission and my sister Sarah made a movie about it. I’m so proud of her but I’m going to miss her! 
7 | I did this ALL THE TIME as a kid! 
8 | These number tags would be great on baskets! 
10 | Can you believe this artwork is a free printable! You can personalize the name and choose the color you want! 
11| I think I’m in trouble now that Jen’s LOVE print comes in gold. I want it! 
12 | I hope you all had a special Valentine’s Day. Josh was working but he surprised me with some of these at the door. They were delicious! 
13 | I’ve pretty much been wearing my hair like this at least two days a week for a month. 

top picture – The Alison Show  / bottom picture – On to Baby