DIY Baby Gap Style Headband

Our Work | March 6, 2013

Baby Gap headbands are my favorite. I love the way they fit and how the fabric goes all the way around to make them super comfy for babies head. I always reach for their headbands when I’m getting Jane ready in the morning. 
 I recently attempted to tackle making one on my own and I really love the way it turned out. Here is how I did it. 
Cut a long strip of fabric to the desired width of your bow.  Keep in mind the width of the actual bow will be half of what you cut. I chose to cut my strip to 3. 5 inches. 
Once you have your strip fold it in half inside out. 
Then cut your strip into 3 parts. Each of these parts will make the bow. I made the longest one about 5″ long, the middle about 4 and a half and the shortest one is 4 inches long. 
Sew each smaller strip together inside out leaving one side open. Then flip the strip inside out.

I like to iron the strips to make sure there aren’t any wrinkles. I use my straight iron since it’s convenient but you can use whatever! 
Tuck the exposed edges of the open side in and sew it shut. 
Cut a smaller strip for the center of the bow. Sew it together inside out, flip to the right side, iron it and sew the end to create one long strip.
Then cut to the desired size and glue the three bow strips together. Make sure you are pinching the bow strips together to get that “bow effect”. 
For the “headband” part sew another long strip together to the desired thickness of your headband. Leave both sides open. 
Then make another long strip with both sides open. Cut some elastic smaller than this strip. Put a piece of elastic through this strip. 
Then sew the elastic to the strip. I had to pin the elastic down on both ends while sewing since the elastic will be shorter than the strip. 
This will give you your elastic strip. (kinda looks like a worm).
Then stick your elastic strip into the open sides of the headband piece and sew together. And you are done!! 
Jane is quite a fan of her new headband. I think the color will be really fun for summer!