Easter Egg Art Printable

Our Work | March 13, 2013

Thank you all so much for your wonderful supportive comments to my blog post yesterday! I have the best readers! And I don’t want you all to get too worried. I will still be doing design work just less of it! A lot less. I am so happy to be introducing my first contributor to my blog! Diana is sharing the cutest Easter Printable with us today! 
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During the holidays, it’s especially fun to decorate your living space.  Easter is just around the corner and as fun as the glitter and cheesy decor is, I do like to decorate with tasteful designs because that represents me and it looks nice in my home.  I designed this colorful Easter print with my favorite patterns in the shape of eggs.  You can still have hints of Easter decor, but with a taste of style.  

Print is sized at 8×10 and is best printed on a thick card stock paper.

Diana is a graphic designer running her own shop called Livy Love Designs.  She loves using fresh color schemes and bright patterns.  She
enjoys drawing, sewing, and learning new recipes.  She is married and
has two little kids who she attributes where most of her inspiration
comes from.  Aside from her shop, she has recently started working with
Modern Yardage and is a fabric designer for them, which has been a dream
of hers ever since she started graphic design.  You can follow along with her blog at Livy Love.