Good Design With Kids in Mind is Coming Back to 6th Street

Our Work | April 24, 2013

If you’ve been a long time reader of my blog you may remember a series I did on my blog over two years ago called Good Design with Kids in Mind. This series tapped into the expertise of 18 bloggers on how to incorporate good design while still maintaining a beautiful and somewhat organized home. 
At the time Jett was barely walking and although it was somewhat chaotic and messy in my home it was nothing compared to the everyday tornado that rages through my house now. 
one toddler + one baby + one busy mom = lots of smashed cheerios on the floor, milk stains on the sofa, play dough forever wedged into the fibers of my dining room rug, fingerprints everywhere, toys strewn across the floor, nicks and dents in all my furniture etc etc. 
I need help! So I thought it was time to revisit this series. We are going to be asking the new experts a lot of the same questions we asked last time but I want to hear from you! 
What are your biggest challenges with raising kids in your home? Is it toy storage solutions? Durability of furniture and textiles? What issues do you want me to address during the series? 
I also want to curate a Pinterest board with all of your kids rooms! So email me your children’s spaces. I want kid’s rooms, playrooms, nurseries etc. 
Email me your pictures and links to blog posts about the spaces at! 
As part of the series I’m also teaming up with Land of Nod to decorate a playroom in my house. It’s going to be super cute! So get excited and follow along with all the progress on my instagram feed. @kirstenkrason #6thstprojectplayroom