How to Use Window Treatments with Plantation Shutters

Our Work | April 11, 2013

Last week I recieved an email from a reader who has plantation shutters throughout her whole home. She wanted to know how to still incoporate some type of window treatments with her shutters. 
This is actually a challenge I run into quite a lot with my own clients. You probably know that I LOVE window treatments so I’m constantly trying to think of ways to get around the plantation shutter issue and still get some pattern and color on the windows! 
One idea is to just do curtains. You can still open your shutters if needed but you still get all the pretty pattern and texture of fabric! 

The curtains and shutters are working seamlessly together in the above pictures. 
Another option is to do a roman shade over the shutters. 
This photo is from a space I’ve been working on a for awhile. My client and I decided to built a custom window bench in her bay window. Because we brought the seat to the base of the windows it made it feel like there was SOOOO much space between the top of the window and the ceiling. So we made extra long window shades and had them mounted about two feet above the window to make the windows appear taller than they actually are. 
You can totally use a roman shade on a window with plantation shutters. Since they really are only for looks and not for function you don’t even need to use as much fabric. Just use what you need to create that nice folded shade look. 

photo from the Salt Lake Parade of Homes designed by Ivory Homes
The other thing to keep in mind is that you’ll have to do an outside mount. You can’t mount the shade inside your window or you won’t be able to open your shutters. 

photo from the Salt Lake Parade of Homes designed by Ivory Homes
Window treatments know no bounds! 
Do any of you have plantation shutters and if so how have you addressed this issue?