Unconventional Art Ideas

Our Work | April 16, 2013

I love looking for unique art ideas for my clients and my own home. It’s so fun to take unexpected objects, put them on the wall and make art out of them! Here are some art ideas I’ve been pinning lately. 
I love how Amy framed Shel Silverstein poems in her Nursery. 
 This painted burlap art is such a great way to bring a natural element into any space. 
An ordinary bandana can become something special when grouped together and framed in a collection.   Use picture hanging hardware to get this look.  
How cool is this idea to frame a vintage swimsuit from BHG
This larger than life cross-stitch art is created with paint! 
Blow up a picture of any item with this easy tutorial
All you need for this lip art is lipstick and paper! 
Photo taken by Ryann Colleen Photography
You can frame a scarf like Krista Salmon did. 
Write your favorite quote on two pieces of canvas like Chelsea did. 
image via 
You could frame some of your favorite shopping bags. 
Amanda created a large photo mural on her blog
To see more art ideas and sources check out my art Pinterest board