What You Should Be Buying Right Now at World Market

Our Work | April 4, 2013

I feel like I literally cannot go into a World Market without buying something. I LOVE that store. I stopped by there last week and had to seriously restrain myself. Here is what I am loving right now at World Market. 

Please! I am begging somebody to make this into curtains or pillows or something amazing!! It reminds me a lot of my bedroom pillow fabric. Pretty sure it’s exactly the same but with different colors. 

This sofa is sooooo pretty. It might not be practical for families with kids but it would look great in a Living Room that doesn’t get a lot of heavy traffic. 
I am dreaming of this coffee table surrounded by seating in white slipcovers… 
You know I can’t resist a pretty floral!! 
Orange and pink are one of my favorite combos. Someone needs to get this in their teen girls’ room stat! 
Still a fan of mirrored lamps. I love the metallic texture and finish they give to a room. 
pretty pretty towels are a necessity! 
I love striped rugs. This one seems like it would wear well and be a great addition to a boys room. 
The simple lines of this stool make it feel a little artistic. 

What have you been loving at World Market lately?