DIY Pom Pom Curtains

Our Work | May 14, 2013

Today we have a great pillow tutorial from my contributor, Brittany! She is constantly coming up with great projects on her blog, brittanyMakes. I LOVE her latest DIY project and I think you will to! 
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Hello friends! It’s so great to be back guest posting today.  I’m
delighted to share with you one of the easiest project you’ll ever do in
15 minutes.
First of all, I think its safe to say everyone has
his or her own personal idea on how best to improve upon their existing
living space.  Some people think it takes a lot of time, money and
resources to make home decor changes.  Many DIYers, myself included,
believe there are countless little things and small projects you can do
yourself without burning a hole in your wallet; little things that make a
huge impact, like painting your walls or switching up your couch
pillows.   For me, I’m always crunched for time, so I enjoy thinking of projects I can do in that short amount of time after dinner and before bed.
Today’s project is exactly that, something that can
be done in 30 minutes and only requires two ingredients: a few yards of
pom pom trim and a hot glue gun. 
(I bought this pompom trim off Amazon)
pom trim is popularly used in baby and toddler decor, however it really
has limitless uses.  You can use it to add flare to pillows, bedskirts,
table cloths, and curtains! Here is a before photo of our curtains:
than sewing on the trim, I decided to glue the trim straight onto the
curtains that were already hung.  There was no sense in creating a
bigger project for myself when I could just get a step stool and glue
the trim on the already happily hung curtains.  
First I pined the trim at the top of the curtain
panel, then I began gluing until I reached the bottom of the panel.  I
repeated this process for our second curtain panel.
This project is seriously beyond simple, and
the result looks amazing! Even my fiancee said “I really like the pop of
color they add”. Say what?! Did my fiancee just say “pop of color”?
Then it must be good.
You can read about my quick sew curtains here, and my copper plumbers pipe curtain rod here.

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Hi! I’m Brittany from the blog brittanyMakes, where I journal my adventures in DIY projects ranging from everyday home decor to handmade jewelry, from tips in photography to stories of bulldogs, and everything else in-between.   I am a fierce accountant by day and a zealous DIYer by night.  I spend my time balancing my love for home decor and design with the everyday responsibilities of my corporate day job.  My main mission is to inspire my readers to do what they love, take risks, and above all, to exercise their creative muscles!