Good Design With Kids in Mind and Sweet Little Peanut

Our Work | May 22, 2013

Throughout this series I wanted to take some sneak peaks into blogger’s real homes and get a feel for the solutions that work for them.  Megan from Sweet Little Peanut is giving us a peak into her art corner in her home. Not all of us have playrooms and we have to make do in a small space. I love her solution for her little boys’ art corner. 
We live in a town home like many other young families and while it’s a pretty decent size home we don’t have the luxury of a play room and our boy’s rooms are upstairs. For us it just inst realistic to keep all of their toys and stuff in their room since we spend the majority of our time in our main living room and kitchen. So we have found ways to be able to keep some of their favorite toys and activities in our living room and also keep it looking stylish and put together.
I grew up with a love for art and spent a lot of time painting with my older brother. I wanted to pass on my love for art and creativity to my kids so for Christmas we got our boys a cute art table and chairs. We debated on where we should put the table… if it should go in their room or if we should put it in our living room. We ultimately decided that it would get more use if it was in a place that we were all the time as a family so we created a little “art corner” in our living room and it’s now my favorite part of our house! 
This kids space is also the perfect area to store some of their toys! There are so many great options right now at almost any store from Pottery Barn Kids to Target to Ikea when it comes to storage bins so it’s easy to find something that fits the style of your room. The art table is also the perfect for hiding toy bins under! My favorite thing in this corner would have to be the little art lazy susan from Pottery Barn Kids! It’s perfect for holding + keeping organized all of those crayons and markers which helps to make art time a little less messy!

– Megan from Sweet Little Peanut 

This Easel-does-it easel is sturdy and stylish! One side allows your child to paint and create and the other side allows for practicing numbers and letters. This is a quality piece that will last for year to come.