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Our Work | May 29, 2013

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And now back to the series…
Today we are getting a small glimpse into how the girls of Small Fry live with their adorable kids. Kids are top priority to this trio but they also all have great taste so they are constantly trying to maintain organized and beautiful homes. Here are some tips on each of them are able to create good design with kids in mind. 
Emily’s boys are 16 months apart and that first year was tough!
Raising two babies  while running Small Fry, Bijou Market and styling on
the side left her house in shambles. She quickly switched her Saturday
clean-fest to daily zone cleaning when she realized that while her house
was tidy, it wasn’t really clean. For her to really get a deeply
cleaned home, she split her house’s rooms into days. Monday is the kitchen, Tuesday
the bathrooms and so on. Sure, her house is never ALL clean at the same
time, but it gives her peace of mind that each room is getting the
proper attention. 
She also noticed that she found her self picking up
the same toys, books, socks multiple times a day. Rather than go insane,
she puts the clutter out of her mind until the end of the day. Using a
giant woven bag she whisks through the house picking up everything that
is out of place and puts it away once. 
Jenna is a long time graphic designer and being a
working mom left her feeling constantly guilty at the state of her
house. On top of the guilt, she noticed a huge difference in the peace
and happiness of her home and its inhabitants when it was clean. Rather
than toil over the house, but never really getting to the level of clean
she wanted, she found an inexpensive cleaning service. For $50 every
two weeks her house is clean, she has more time to spend with her kids,
less guilt, and a more peaceful home. She says she’d rather skip out on
going out to a restaurant or not buy that cute pair of heels and have a
clean home.
Aside from cleanliness, Jenna’s new year’s
resolution was to become more organized. She says that for her that
means that everything in her home has a place. Using organizational
systems like bins, baskets, labeling drawers and dejunking has helped
her tackle this long time goal. 
In her son’s room she took the time to organize with
him, educating him on where toys should go so that she sends him to
tidy up, he knows where everything goes too. 
Nicole’s design style is super minimal and clean. Without realizing
it she picked a pretty narrow color scheme of black white and gray with
pops of yellow throughout most of her home. This makes it so easy to
rearrange decor and furniture! With such standard color choices, you can
imagine that the realm of possibilities when shopping is large!
Outside of Small Fry, Nicole does photography as as
side business. Her schedule is jam packed down to the minute and she
says not being home does wonders for her home’s cleanliness! She cleans
her home top to bottom on Monday’s and then tidies up every day in
between. She also says having a play room with a closable door right off
the kitchen makes clean up a breeze.

Thanks girls! And make sure you check out Small Fry. It will become one of your new daily reads. 

We just laid down this new Candy Dot rug in our new playroom and it is amazing! This rug screams, “fun”! The dots are raised which creates a fun effect to drive cars over and it’s nice and soft which makes it a great rug for playing on. This rug has every color under the sun in it so it will go with almost any decor scheme and boys and girls alike will love it! 
This post and series is brought to you by one of my favorite places to shop for Kids, Land of Nod