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Our Work | May 20, 2013

picture via 79 Ideas

Several years ago when I did this series for the first time Jett was still really young and I already thought my home was out of control. He was in the stage where he would crawl around and make messes EVERYWHERE. I would turn a corner and every single item would be pulled out of every single cupboard. I knew I needed help and I wanted to pull advice from woman who I felt knew a thing or two about having nice homes with kids. Fast forward three years later. My furniture, pillows, floors etc appear like they have been through a war. There are dents, scrapes, scratches and nicks on everything. I feel like every surface of my home has been peed on at some point, the toys are everywhere, the  laundry is out of control, lamps have been broken, rugs have been puked on and pillows have a permanent place on the floor instead of the sofa. Sound familiar? 

What I have ultimately come to realize is that our homes are not a place we try to beautify in spite of our children it’s a place we beautify because of our children. I want my house to be a place where my kids can feel safe and loved. I want it clean not because I want other mothers to be envious of my spotless home but because I want a home that feels peaceful and serene. I want to teach my children to respect nice things and to value beauty but I also want my home to be a place where they feel free to be kids and even be wild and crazy sometimes.

photo by Jylare Smith Photography 

I spent time and money on my home because I spent 95% of my time here. I want it to be a place that feels happy and a place that feels like me. 
I know that all of us are searching for the balance of making our homes beautiful while still enabling our kids to just be kids! I know none of us are experts and we are all just doing the best we can. So I am hoping this series feels like a big group of moms getting together and sharing advice. I know that each of us have ideas and insight we can contribute so please don’t be afraid to share. And let’s also recognize that what works for one mom might not work for another. We are all living in different circumstances with very different children. But hopefully you’ll learn a few things along the way and if nothing else maybe you’ll get inspired to try new things! 
For the next two weeks we will be sharing our tips and ideas on how to keep your home beautiful while still making it work with kids. I’ve brought on an entire new crop of experts and I can’t wait to share their wisdom with you!

Land of  Nod is sponsoring this entire series and each day I’ll be spotlighting one of my favorite products from their site. Get excited because at the end of the two weeks I’ll be revealing our new playroom that I’ve been designing!  Stay tuned for that reveal, beautiful home tours, giveaways, great advice and much more!

I have also been curating a Pinterest board with all of your kids rooms! So email me your children’s spaces. I want kid’s rooms, playrooms, nurseries etc. 
Email me your pictures and links to blog posts about the spaces at kirstenkrason@gmail.com! 

And stay tuned for tomorrow’s post: The best solutions for toy storage!