Using Lockers in Your Decor

Our Work | June 6, 2013

I’ve mentioned before how small Jett’s room is. Because we have limited space we also have limited storage. I have been looking for a unique way to utilize the empty space we have in Jett’s closet which is why I was excited to have the opportunity to review a locker from School Lockers
As you can see some extra storage solutions were needed. Plus his closet really wasn’t very exciting. We usually just threw whatever extra stuff we had lying around on the floor of his closet. 
I had a locker growing up in our mud room and it was so fun having my very own space to store my favorite things. I wanted Jett to have a taste of that in his room. We did some minor sprucing up in his closet and… ta da!! 
We chose the Red Kids Locker to review. I wanted something that didn’t take up too much space but that also provided some storage for us. 
The stars are a new addition and I’ll be blogging about them next week 😉
We are currently using the locker to store Jett’s suitcases, hats, soccer clothes and a few other odds and ends that we didn’t have a place for. 
I love the idea of using lockers for decor in your home. They can be used for storage but they also add a really unique touch to a room. 
If you are looking for more of an industrial look School Lockers also sells a variety of Metal and Steel Lockers. These are the exact lockers we had in my home growing up. They work well in a home but they also are extremely functional in a garage. My Dad still has these lined up on an entire wall filled with camping gear, boating items, lawn care essentials etc… 
The idea of having gym lockers would be cool in a dining/kitchen space or anywhere you need lots of extra storage! School Lockers has a great selection of Gym Lockers. It might even be fun to use these lockers as a type of library for your children. Each child can have their own row of lockers to store and “check out” their favorite books. The possibilities are endless!           

image via The Woodsfolk
School LockersKid’s Lockers come in a variety of color which is a fun way to inject some creativity and life to a space. You could use them like I did in a closet or even use one of their smaller ones as a nightstand. Grouped together they can substitute for a dresser or on their own for a single storage solution. 
If you are lucky enough to have some sort of mudroom then the Kid’s Coat Lockers would be perfect for you. Your kids will no longer have any excuse for throwing their coats and shoes on the floor. Each child would have enough space for their own belongings plus these cubbies allow for extra space for friends! If you have kids coming and going in and out of your house a lot this locker would be a dream! 
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