Where to Put Small Lamps

Our Work | June 27, 2013

My friend Chelsea of Yours Truly recently approached me the chance to participate in a “white box challenge” as a part of her new online home accessory & furnishings store, Joy & Revelry.
She picked an item from her shop and sent it to three bloggers with the challenge of incorporating the item into their homes. The trick was that none of us knew what the item would be! 
I was ecstatic when a pair of tiny lamps showed up on my doorstep.  
This set of Katie Mini Ball lamps is beautiful. I knew I could find a way to incorporate them into my home but where! I played around with them in a few different places but the small scale just didn’t fit any of my usual places. 
Finally I decided that they needed to be on teeny tiny tables! I am slowly working on transforming my office into an office/guest room. These lamps are perfect on these small scale tables I picked up at Target. 
Our loveseat is a sleeper sofa and the tables act as nightstands when we have guests over. 
I added some of my design books on the table to prop up the lamps and give them more substance. I love how they look like pretty jeweled accessories on my tables.  My $50 clearance Target tables look so much more expensive with these pretty lamps on top of them. 

See where Emily Clark put her lamps here
To learn more about Chelsea you can watch a short video on her site here.  And, if you’d like to do some shopping, she’s offering 10% off with this promo code: YT_WHITEBOX_10 (expires Aug. 1st, 2013).