Easy Ways to Lighten a Dark Kitchen

Our Work | July 31, 2013

I recently had a reader email me asking for tips on lighting up her dark kitchen.  She loves the look of white kitchens but unfortunately any major changes are not in their budget right now. 
As you can see the kitchen isn’t horrible it’s just really dark. The cabinets are clean and modern and the floor is at least light. 
If you don’t have the means to give your kitchen a complete overhaul there are still a lot of easy changes you can do. 
1. I love the idea of using a beautiful tea towel as art. Something white with a little color will really brighten up the kitchen. 
2. If any of my clients ever have windows in the kitchen I always recommend installing a roman shade. A window treatment is a great way to add some pattern and color to the space distracting the eye from all the brown going on. Since this kitchen has all warm tones I chose a blue fabric to add a cooler feel to the space. Roman shades can be pricey so if you want to save some money you can make a faux roman shade using this tutorial
3. The easiest thing to do to lighten up the space is to add as many white accessories as possible. White will help to break up the brown. White serving pieces could also be added to top the kitchen cabinets.
4. I think adding crystal knobs to all the cabinets would be amazing.  
5. These canisters are bright and cheery and would really help bring the kitchen to life. 
6. I have patterned bowls displayed in my kitchen and I love them!
7. Because the kitchen appliances are all dark it would be great to brighten the oven up with a fun dishtowel
8. Although the client doesn’t want to do any painting I’m going to strongly recommend painting the tile backsplash. I love this tutorial. I really feel like transforming the backsplash will help break up the darkness of the cabinets and countertops. 
What would you do to lighten up this dark kitchen?