Vinyl Decals are Hip Again

Our Work | July 17, 2013

When I first happened upon the blogging scene 6-ish years ago vinyl decals were all the rage. I mean, everyone seemed to have a quote, a big tree, birds etc on their walls. I jumped on the bandwagon in 2010 when I designed Jett’s Nursery and we loved our airplane decals. I think the concept of vinyl decals is amazing. They go on easily but come off like a dream when you are done with them. I feel like the idea of decals has always been a good one but the designs started getting a little tired. So imagine my excitement to find that companies are making vinyl decals hip again! 
Urban Walls recently contacted me about trying some decals out for my home. They have such an amazing selection to choose from! 
image via Daffodil Design 
You may have seen polka dot pattern floating around on the blogosphere. These are amazing in gold. 
The seeing stars are my personal favorite and they are what I used to decorate the walls of Jett’s Closet
image via Simply Grove
Triangles are all the rage right now. I love how just a few of these on a wall make a space feel instantly cool. 
image via Bovee Bird
These plus signs are really graphic which I love for a more modern space. 
The anchors decal is perfect for a beach house, pool house or kid’s space! 
How fun would it be to pull out this large heart for Valentine’s Day! 
What do you think? Are you feeling the love for decals again? 
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