Which Blogs do You Keep Reading & My New Favorites

Our Work | July 2, 2013

As many of you probably have already discovered Google Reader is no more. I’ve always gone to all of my favorite blogs directly so I actually never even used my reader so needless to say I’m not too heartbroken about it.  But for all of you who are mourning Google Reader may I suggest using Bloglovin. 
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As I imported all of my current reads into Bloglovin I decided it was a good opportunity to clean house. I feel like during each stage of my life I’ve responded to different types of blogs. Do you feel this way? Some of the blogs that used to be daily reads don’t appeal to me as much anymore simply because I’m in a different phase of life or my style has changed or maybe the content isn’t as good. Either way I weeded through the blogs I don’t read anymore and kept only my favorites. I also have been adding in some of my new favorite blogs. I have been discovering so many great new bloggers on instagram lately. Usually I’ll fall in love with someone’s lifestyle on instagram and eventually find my way over to their blog because I want to see more! I wanted to share a few of my new favorites with you today! 

My sister first introduced me to Hailey about a year ago and instantly fell in love with her and I’m sure you will too. She and her hubby travel the world taking amazing pictures and making incredible videos.

I think the thing that got me hooked on Jen’s blog was her authenticity. She is a really talented writer and just recently quit her job as a reporter to stay at home with her baby. She highlights and celebrates women on her blog and I can’t get enough! 
If you want to read a blog that will inspire you and make you laugh you have to check out Alison’s blog. She is like a witty Martha Stewart. I also feel like she’s putting the cool back into crafting. 

I love checking in with Small Fry daily. Not only is it an adorable blog but it was also started by three girls from my high school which makes it even more special to me. They are making motherhood look stylish, beautiful and fun! They come up with simple crafts and highlight real women and give great advice on dealing with motherhood. 

I am a sucker for light and bright photography which is why I adore Ginger’s blog. She showcases life as a mom as being beautiful and joyful. I feel so happy every time I stop by her blog.

My friend Megan recently started an adorable children’s blog. Sweet Little Peanut is full of crafts, parties and fashion for little kids. I’ve already tried a bunch of their ideas with Jett and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with! 

What are your favorite new blogs to read? Any old favorites that you’ll never get sick of? 

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