Feature Friday: Lemonade Makin' Mama

Our Work | August 16, 2013

Today I am featuring the home of Sasha from the blog Lemonade Makin’ Mama. I love her optimistic and sunny attitude towards life. You can read more about her here
Here is what she says she loves most about her home:
“My family is very active, with two tween-aged children, and a husband
that often works long hours. So, I love the idea of creating a space
that is a haven for them after a long day of school, work and activity. 
Our home has slowly evolved into exactly that as I have worked to
carefully choose each detail.  It’s always evolving but so is our little
family.  Everything in our home is used, comfortable, and relaxed.
Nothing is simply for “show.”  Beyond all of that, our home is small and
cozy, and I like to think that the saying is true, “Small homes grow
tight families.”  Home should be a place where you kick up your feet,
laugh with friends, enjoy good food, and make memories.  Our home makes
that feel effortless and I love that.” 

l i v i n g   r o o m 

k i t c h e n
m a s t e r   b e d r o o m
o f f i c e
g i r l ‘ s   r o o m
g u e s t   r o o m

Thanks so much to Sasha for letting us tour her home make sure you check out her blog Lemonade Makin’ Mama
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