Feature Friday: Mini Manor Blog

Our Work | August 23, 2013

Today I am featuring the home of Ashli from the blog the Mini Manor. Here is what she says she loves about her home,

“I feel like I
should state the obvious like the people I share it with . . . including
our new baby boy Hudson we adopted 2 months ago.

on a totally superficial level what I love most about my home is how
our laundry room is on our main floor (in our mudroom) because it makes
laundry so easy. I can hear the buzz when it’s done and I can get the
one load out and the other load in, while waiting for the pasta to boil.
l i v i n g   r o o m

o f f i c e
k i t c h e n 
m a s t e r   b e d r o o m

l a u n d r y   r o o m
g i r l s ‘   r o o m 
g a r a g e
Get all the details on this garage garden station here
Thanks so much to Ashli for sharing her home with us. Make sure you check out her blog here