Feature Friday: Scout and Nimble

Our Work | October 4, 2013

Today I am featuring the home of Jesse from the blog Scout and Nimble.  I love her eclectic and colorful style and I am sure you will too! Here is what she says she loves most about her home:
I love my home for the obvious reasons.  It’s the first home that my
husband and I purchased together as husband and wife and the home that
we brought all of our babies home to.  I remember walking through the
front door with our second son, Oliver and introducing him to his big
brother Henry right there in the foyer.  It’s the only home they have
known and we try to fill it with the love and joy that both of us had
growing up in our own family homes.  As far as decorating goes, I don’t
really have a certain style that I stick to…I like to decorate spaces
to evoke emotion and will tend to decorate a room based on how I want to
feel in it.  So, I wanted our living room to feel calming, inviting and
relaxing.  A place to unwind, curl up on the couch and be enveloped by a
certain coziness.  I wanted to feel completely opposite in our
adjoining office so I tried going a bit more bold and colorful in hopes
that I could be more creative and productive while I am working. 😉  I
am huge on having a space function for your life and using every inch of
your home.  If a room is not being used or is sitting empty, I will
purposefully try to make it fit one of our needs, whatever that may be.
 Last year, we got rid of our formal dining room because we never used
it.  As a family of 4 with two growing boys, I knew it would function so
much better as an office and den.  A place where I could work, have a
conversation with a friend as well as a place the boys could play a
board game without the distraction of the television or a lot of people.
 In terms of things…by far, the favorite thing that we decided to add
to our house is our wood beams in the living room.  I grew up in a
house with beams and from the moment we first stepped foot into our home
8 years ago, I have been wanting them.  It makes the heart of our home
feel complete and brings in the perfect amount of rustic into the room.
 Bottom line, I love that our home represents us…our family of 4, our
personalities, interests and style. 


e n t r y w a y 

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Thanks to Jesse for sharing her home with us. Make sure you check out her blog here

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