Last Week's Links

Our Work | October 14, 2013

If you follow me on instagram (@kirstenkrason) you are aware that we spent the weekend in Sunny California! We had SUCH a good time. Spending time with my family in the sun was so good for the soul. I still managed to catch up on some of my favorite blogs and Pinterest while I was gone. Here are some of the links I loved most from last week. 
1 || Someone buy this chair! I seriously love it. 
2 || I never thought I’d have a kid with curly hair but now that I do I loved this article on how to embrace it.
3 || My new favorite fabric find.  
4 || Mark my words, I will find a way to use this amazing lamp somewhere. 
5 || This looks like such a cool and comfy dress. 
6 || I just bought this cute top for Jane. 
7 || Every time I read Allegra’s blog I want her life and her kids. (and her kid’s wardrobes) 
8 || I adore these Halloween printables
9 || I LOVE this jacket
10 || This Nursery reveal makes me think I’ll never get over my love for striped walls. 
11 || This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This video brought me to tears and inspired me so much. 
top photo – Wayfair / bottom photo – Max and Ruby