Pearl Sleeve DIY

DIY | October 2, 2013

Today we have fun tutorial from my contributor, Brittany! She is constantly coming up with great projects on her blog, brittanyMakes. Her latest DIY project will turn any basic sweater into a piece of art! 
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Hey friends! I’m so happy to share this tutorial with you today. I love coming up with easy ways to glam up my wardrobe. I just may or may not have a closet full of bedazzled sweaters, but I sleep well at night knowing jeweled sweaters are currently demanded by the masses this season. While we’re in the spirit of glitz and glam I thought it would be fun to create a little DIY version using a casual closet staple – the crew neck sweater.
Grab your collection of Forever 21 pearls – let’s do this!
Here’s what you need for this project: sweater of your choice, beading needle, thread, patience, scissors, and a good 2-hour chick flick.

First, I recommend propping yourself up in front of the TV. This bad boy will take a couple hours, but the results are pretty incredible. Keep your loose pearls contained by pouring them into a little bowl.
pearl sleeves 4_2
Thread your needle, tie a knot at the end of the thread, and sew a base knot onto the sweater sleeve. Loop the needle through the bead, back through the fabric, and back through the bead again. I found it easiest to make the finishing knot underneath the top of the sweater right under the bead (rather than turning the sweater inside out and knotting on the inside). If you choose thread the same color as the sweater, the knot under the bead blends in so well it’s practically invisible.
It helps to be as random as possible, don’t over-think the placing of the beads, just make sure you don’t poke your fingers during the meet-cute scene in that chick flick you’re watching 😉
DIY Pearl Sleeves

Ta-da! And now you have yourself a super cute sweater, my friends.
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