Two Designers + One Room Before and After Reveal! [Video]

Bedroom | October 9, 2013

Last month you may remember our casting call for a free room design. Well I’m happy to say today is the day you get to see what we did! Kim and I teamed up to makeover Emily’s master bedroom. Emily has really great taste and a fun sense of style but her bedroom was lacking any personality. She wanted a room that felt eclectic and she referenced loving a “Furbish” type style. Kim and I had less than $50 each to totally makeover this room. The idea was to use items Emily already had in her house plus a few new accessories to get a whole new look.

We are excited to reveal this video showing off the room. A big thanks to Kim and her husband Jesse for making it!


TFDS: 2 designers + 1 room from Jesse & Kimberly Moore on Vimeo.

Now let’s dive into the details!

To check out Kim’s design solutions and her budget breakdown check out her blog

There were a few things that Kim and I agreed on together. First of all we knew we wanted to snazz up Emily’s window treatments but we didn’t have the funds for new roman shades or curtains. We used Jenny’s GENIUS pelmet box tutorial to make valances out of foam core, my old white sheets and some pink ribbon trim. We attached them to Emily’s current window boxes with command strips. 
The other dilemma was the situation with the off centered window behind the bed. We toyed with the idea of doing a headboard but funds were low and we also didn’t want to cover even more of their window. Emily had some blue ikat fabric that she had picked up at a remnant fabric store that we decided to sew Euro shams out of. Ann from Decomod made the three euro shams plus the two floral accent  pillows. Emily had a nice white duvet but we didn’t love the scroll pattern on it so we flipped it over and used just the white side. We also pulled some black and white polka dot sheets out of her linen closet and added them to the bed. 
Kim and I wanted to each add our own unique spin to the space so we took turns designing “our version”of the space.  One of the things I wanted to do was balance out the window by adding art above her husband’s nightstand. I also wanted some fun and cheap art for the large side wall. I had a small scrap of my bathroom wallpaper left so I added it to three frames Emily already had down in her basement. So this project was totally free! 

Kim and I decided to each choose an accent fabric for the bed and we put them on the same pillow so Emily can flip them back and forth to get a totally different look! We piped these pillows in blue so we could get some good contrast between our two fabrics. I found a really lively floral at Joannes for my choice. I grabbed a lumbar Emily already had in her Living Room to complete the look. 
Kim and I both rummaged through Emily’s house to find ways to decorate with what she already had. I found one of her husband’s hats in her closet and I decided to pull it out and hang it up as art! I thought it added some fun texture to the space. 
One of the purchases I did end up making was a blue throw from Ikea. I added it to the end of the bed to bring in more color! 

Emily already had a lot of great accessories so I was able to mostly use what she already had around her house. I added accessories she already had plus some thrift store vases I bought. 
Here’s me showing off my design to Emily! 
Here was my under $50 budget breakdown. 
Foam Core for Window Treatment – $9
White Sheets to Cover Foam Core – Free!
Ikea Throw – $16
Floral Fabric – $7
Vases – $6
Ikea flowers – $6
Ikat fabric – Free!
Wallpaper Art – Free! 
Hat – Free!
Black and White Polka Dot Sheets – Free! 
I’m not gonna lie this project was challenging. I really had to get creative with cheap solutions for some big problems. I learned that if you dig around a little bit you may have all the components for a great room hiding in your own home! Thanks again to Emily for letting us take over her home for an entire morning and thanks to Kim for being such a great design partner!