How My Design Style Has Changed & Figuring Out Your Own

Us | November 19, 2013

A lot of my clients struggle because they don’t know their design style. Or maybe they think they know but when it comes down to making decisions for their home they are all over the place. I’ve seen this struggle become a huge obstacle when it comes to decorating their homes.  I try to help most of my clients find out what it is they really love and I always remind them that figuring out your design style is not an overnight process. It has taken me years to get where I am at today.
To get a feel for my current design aesthetic take a look at a sampling of my Pinterest Living Room pins.

I find that I tend to gravitate towards lots of white and lots of color.

I love almost everything about this room. I’d probably add a little more color and some more graphic punches  but other than that this room is very  “me”.
Now lest you think I’ve always been so design savvy please feast your eyes on our home 7 years ago when we were first married….

At the time I must say this was very “in” if you lived in Utah in 2005. I saved for months to buy that red and tan Pottery Barn Duvet cover and matching shams. That faux fern on the dresser was a T.J. Maxx find and I was obsessed with it. I also decided to put floating shelves a million feet up on the wall. I guess if I ever wanted to actually use that alarm clock I would need to stand up on my bed to reach it.
And then there was our Living Room.  I tried my best to mimic a Pottery Barn catalog. Do you think I succeeded?

Although part of me wants to look back on these pictures and cringe another part of me is proud of the home I created. I did the best I could with what I had and what I “thought” looked good. It has been fun, however, to see my style evolve over the years. 
The home I have now is SO different. Not only have I learned what it actually means to have style but I’ve really been able to discover what my own personal style is. 

There are a few key points I’ve figured out on this “design style journey” that have led me where I am today. This first point is,,
Let go of wanting it all // What I mean by this is, let go of wanting all the design styles in your home. For example, I love a lot of things about this room: 
But you will never see this room in my house. I  may take aspects of it, like the striped window bench and the striped rug and incorporate some of those elements in my home but I won’t be mimicking this entire room. I have learned to look at this room, appreciate it and then let it go when it comes to my own home. Just because a style of design makes you excited doesn’t mean it’s a right fit for you or your home. 
Now this is not to say that you can’t mix styles! Because of course you can. But thing carefully about the elements you are choosing to mix and make sure they are “you”. 
The second point…
Stop buying stuff just because it’s on sale //  I can’t tell you how many clients I visit that have hoards and  hoards of things they have purchased because they were on sale or because someone gave it to them for free. These are the woman who spend way too much time browsing the home decor section of Target. (you know who you are). I am definitely one of these people! For example I really love this little gold accent table. I mean $59! I feel like that’s too good to pass up. 
But I have absolutely no where to put it. I mean not one spot. And if I did put it anywhere it wouldn’t really make sense in the spot it ends up. 
I feel like you are doing your house a disservice by filling it with things that you don’t truly love or fit the style of your home. Most of the time we don’t end up using much of what my client has collected.  So in the end your “sale” items were just a waste of money. If you can’t think of place to put something or if it’s not “perfect” for a certain spot chances are you won’t end up using it. Save your money for the pieces that you really love and are “just perfect” for the spaces you end up putting them in. 
The last tip is to..
Start curating rooms you love and figure out what it is that you love about them. 
I’ve been obsessed with this bathroom from Sarah Richardson ever since I first saw it. I love the pops of dark pink, the white and accents of black. I love how it feels a little traditional but not too traditional. I can identify what I love about this room and carry it into my own home.
I am sure my design style will always be ever-chaning but at it’s core I hope there will always be colorful and happy rooms involved! 
How have you figured out your design style?