Brooke Walker’s Bedroom Makeover Part One

Bedroom | January 29, 2014

About a year ago Brooke Walker, host of Studio 5, threw out the idea of having me help her with her master bedroom. At the time I had slowed down with work so I passed up the opportunity.  However, once I started taking on clients again with Erin I felt like we could tackle Brooke’s room and it would be really fun to have the process documented on Studio 5. So in November we went out for an initial consult. Here is the room in the state we saw it in…
Brooke had been single for awhile and so she was used to decorating the way she wanted but now that she is married she wanted to redo the space and give it a new look and feel.  Our budget was minimal so we wanted to keep as much from the old bedroom as possible… but there wasn’t a lot we could use. Her old bedroom was dark, very bold and a little outdated. We asked her to pin some images to give us a feel for what she wanted in her new bedroom and here were some of the rooms she loved:

She loved the coral used in this bedroom by Alice Lane Home Collection
She was obsessed with this art from Alice Lane Home Collection
The rest of her home was a little shabby chic but she wanted her new bedroom to have a sense of glam like this room she pinned. 
while still hanging on to a bit of shabby chic like this picture she pinned:
photo via LIV showroom
She also wanted some sort of caned bed. That request was a must! 
Erin and I put a lot of thought into how we would tie the two looks together and then Brooke gave us another challenge…
She wanted saturated and vibrant blue walls! Just like these walls from Sex & the City. 
uhh… We loved the color but we were honestly not sure how it would all work with the look she wanted. I don’t know about you but when I think of caned French inspired beds I think of soft colors and traditional styling and when I think of bright blue walls I think of bold and modern decorating! 
After the consult we got to work deciding on how to pull the room together within the budget we had.  
We needed:
– A dresser
 – Nightstands
– Lamps
– New Bedding
-New Pillows
– Accessories
– A Floor Mirror
– Window Treatments
– A Bed
and our budget was $2,000. Brooke had already purchased these nightstands around Thanksgiving so we didn’t need to include those in the budget. But we weren’t sure how we would fit everything else into the budget! I mean we literally needed EVERYTHING new. We weren’t keeping anything from her old bedroom.  We knew some DIY projects would be needed and also some major deal hunting would need to be done. After the consult we sent an initial mood board to Brooke:
We knew we wanted to use chartreuse and coral as our accent colors with the blue walls. 
We decided on BEHR Sapphire Sparkle for the paint color. 
It looked really good in this room
We also told her we were thinking of doing something simple for the curtains…. just white with a chartreuse trim. For the bedding we chose the Pottery Barn Valerie Floral Matelasse Duvet Cover because Brooke had pinned it and said she loved it! She also had a gift card to Pottery Barn which helped cut down on cost. 
We sent the board over to her and here’s what she said:
…and I just did a happy dance! Kirsten!! Love, love, loving it. Love!
You are spot on, and I’m reminded all over again just how good you are
at what you do. The way you pulled
it all together is amazing. That paint color is absolutely perfect. 
Love those lamps, obsessed with that “love you” artwork (is that really
available?!), the bedding is fantastic, and the patterned pillows are
superb. Yes!

Couple of questions/thoughts:

Will the bedding be the white or ivory?
I’m not feeling the bird/flamingo pictures…any other options for artwork?
The idea of white bedding and
white drapes feel like a lot of white to me, especially since the bed
and the window sit so close to each other. That said, it could just be
because I don’t realize how bold the blue will be…what are your
on that? 

Erin and I knew that in order to balance out the blue walls we’d need lots of white so we were confident in using white bedding and white curtains. For someone who doesnt’ normally decorate with a lot of white the idea can be daunting but we knew although we were using a lot of white the space wouldn’t feel too blank or sterile.  
We’d also been searching for caned headboards on Ebay and we’d had a hard time finding anything that Brooke loved. She finally caved in and just bought her dream bed from Ballard Design.

Because the bed was so expensive she agreed we could take it out of the budget so that left us with $2,000 for:
– A dresser
– Lamps
– New Bedding
-New Pillows
– Accessories
– A Floor Mirror
– Window Treatments
Definitely doable but we still needed to keep our eyes out for good deals. While out at Downeast on Black Friday I found this white PB Teen Lilac dresser on sale for $543 plus an extra 10% off! This made our total with tax right around $500 which is what we had budgeted for the dresser. 
We wanted to switch out the knobs though so I purchased these anthro knobs in clear. 
Behind the scenes our dresser was supposed to be delivered to a store near Brooke’s house but somehow got delivered to the wrong city so we had to work out that situation and make sure it all got figured out by the date for the install.  We also has a problem with our bed pillow combo. We had ordered the coral scroll pillows from the above mood board but when they were delivered they were a lot darker than we had wanted. So literally the day before the install Erin and I were scrambling to come up with a new scheme. A week earlier Erin and suggested we look for a floral for the bed. We’d decided we weren’t going to do any florals because Brooke loved geometrics more but Erin got the feeling the room needed one. So we had purchased this beauty on Etsy just in case… The fabric is Waverly Formosa Gardenia. I’ve loved it for the longest time so I was excited to get it use it in a project. Plus it had all the colors we wanted for the room. 

We nixed the coral scroll pillows and went with this bold ikat instead. 
Luckily I had some left over from my office roman shades! 
We tried our best to stick to the original budget but things always come up! It’s hard to anticipate things like pillow inserts, DIY supplies, curtain hardware etc…. so we ended up going over the budget by about $200. 
The room reveal will be airing on Studio 5 on Friday! So if you are local in Utah you can check it out at 1:00. I’ll be posting all the pictures and sources on my blog as well. For now I’m going to leave you with a couple of sneak peaks…

I can’t tell you what a transformation the room reveal is so you’ll have to see it for yourself! Tune in on Friday or check back next week for pictures and sources!