The Re-Decorating Disease

Us | January 22, 2014

Am I the only one who gets the redecorating disease every now and then? I am seriously could use some medication. I love my house but no matter how great it looks I am always tinkering and changing things. 
Although I am still in the middle of my office makevoer I started to get the itch to change some things in my Living Room. 
I really love this room and I am still amazed how good it looks for the budget I had to do it. Almost everything in this room came from Ikea or Craigslist.  But slowly things in the room have been bothering me. And it’s funny how one change creates a domino effect and suddenly you feel like everything needs to change! 
Take our rug for example. What I love about a flat weave rug is that we were able to flip it over when it got too stained but then our rug suffered the wrath of our sick dog one day and has never been the same. I even had it professionally cleaned but the stains are still there.  So for the past few months I’ve been on the hunt for a new rug. Ultimately I decided I wanted something solid and textured. Some of the rugs I debated between were these:
I have used the herringbone rug before and I love it! It was originally my first choice but the jute boucle ivory rug was a little cheaper and I decided it would probably give me the same look that I wanted. I am really looking for something lighter so it doesn’t blend in with my sofa.  I’m a little worried about it being TOO light but I think it will be okay. We always take off our shoes and are pretty careful in this room. But we’ll see how it goes…
I also picked up some new ikat pillows in one of my favorite Quadrille fabrics.  But they kinda clashed with my ikat curtains so…
The curtains had to go. I brought down the curtains from my bedroom to see if I liked the look.  
I really loved my ikat ones but in general I just want things much cleaner feeling. Maybe it’s the craziness of kids and life that is making me crave simple simple simple. 
I really wanted to recover my sofa in a navy or teal velvet but that wasn’t in the budget so imagine my happiness when I saw the Everett loveseat on sale for $350 at a local outlet store! 
So I sold the old leather one that we had. 
I actually really loved this loveseat but I feel like the new velvet one is much more special and I love what the velvet adds to the room. 
Now lest you think this room is feeling a little boring and too clean and simple I will have some wow factor going on. Don’t you fear.  
I bought these chairs for $100 each at a local outlet store and I plan on having them recovered in a a killer floral. 
The florals I’m considering are: 
I’m going to the showroom today actually to look for more options too! 
I also bought a new mirror after using our little Ikea one for years I wanted something a little bigger. 
Am I only one who gets the re-decorating bug every now and then? Is there a cure? I’m sure my husband would pay someone good money to come up with one!