Dining Room | February 24, 2014

 The last time I shared my entire design process with my readers I had a lot of great feedback so I wanted to bring this series back with an entirely new room! As I stated in the original series, every project I do is so vastly different that it’s hard to pinpoint an exact science or equation that I use every time. So I love giving readers a peak into how a room actually comes together. The start to the finish and everything in between. 
At the beginning of 2012 I started helping a client with her Dining Room and Living room. The two rooms took quite a while to actually complete but together they are one of my all time favorite projects. 
This week I am excited to share that process with you through this week long series, The Story of a Room. Each day I’ll take you through a part of the process. Today we are starting with the initial consult and by Friday you’ll get to see the finished room! 
When I went out for the initial consult I was impressed with the potential for both spaces. I loved her board and batten and thick molding. 
Here’s the dining room:

For the Dining Room she wanted:
– a new table and chairs
– a rug
– a new hutch/china cabinet
– some way to display family pictures
– a light fixture
I also recommended doing floor length curtains and maybe wallpaper above her board and batten and she was on board with the idea! 
Her Living Room flowed right into the Dining Room. 
She didn’t really have any ideas for this space. It was their piano room but also the first room you saw when you came in their house so it needed to be awesome. Her only request was storage for piano books. 

We both decided to start on the Dining Room and make our way into the Living Room. I told her I’d start sending over ideas in the next few days. 
Stay tuned tomorrow for… The story of a room: The Dining Room!