How to See Paris in a Day and a Half

Us | March 25, 2014

Those who follow me on instgram (@kirstenkrason) saw that we took a little trip to Paris last week.  One of the many perks to being a pilots’ wife is extremely cheap international plane tickets. There is a non-stop flight to Paris from Salt Lake that we’ve been dying to use. We fly standby so before we ever take any trips we always make sure the flights are wide open. But even with a wide open flight there is no guarantee. Luckily we made both of our flights there and back. 

We left Sunday night and got home Wed afternoon so this really was a quick trip!

We booked two nights at the Derby Eiffel Hotel.  The hotel was great as far as cleanliness and location.  Our room was itty bitty but we were barely ever in our hotel so it didn’t matter to us.
We slept really well on the airplane so we weren’t too tired when we got in Monday morning.  Our first stop was the Eiffel Tower! It was a 10 minute walk from our hotel.  There was a HUGE line to take the elevator to the top so we decided to take the stairs.  It was a great reminder of how out of shape I am! (the air was probably a lot thinner in France right?).  
The view was amazing even from the lower levels.  We ate at little sandwich stands both days for lunch.  The bread is so tasty. 
The weather was supposed to be in the 50’s which seemed pretty nice so we naively didn’t bring any coats!  It was pretty cold though and at night we were freezing! So we set out to do a little shopping.
Pretty much every single street you walk down in Paris belongs in a movie or a dream.  There are picture-perfect scenes every where you turn.  We headed to the main shopping area where I found a great  coat at H&M and some gloves and a scarf!
After shopping we talked back to the Eiffel tower and looked for some food on our way.  We stopped at the cutest little restaurant (they are all cute!) right by the tower. 
The crepes in Paris are AMAZING. SO good.  I can hardly even look at this picture without my mouth watering. 
Day two was really our only full day in Paris! We really wanted to see Versailles so we decided to dedicate the day to that and then see whatever else we could fit in when we were done.  We took a train out there and it was really neat to get to see some of the smaller areas next to the big city.  
Versailles is stunning.  I lived in Russia for awhile so I feel that I’ve seen my fair share of beautiful palaces but this one was unlike any other.  Every corner was opulent and ornate.  

After touring the palace we rented bikes down by the canal to ride around the gardens. 
No matter where we ever travel we always try to find some moments to enjoy the outdoors. 
After Versailles we walked to Notre Dame and Sainte Chapelle. Both were beautiful.  
My one huge disappointment from the trip is that the Louvre was closed! I was super bummed but I guess it’s just an excuse to go back! We walked back to the Eiffel tower and grabbed dinner at another restaurant right off the street. Then we decided to hike the tower again so we could see the city at night.  
While we were up there the lights started twinkling all over the tower! It was incredible . 
Before we went back to our hotel we had to make time for one more crepe stop.  I can’t get enough.  
The trip really was so fun.  I hope to see lots of beautiful and inspiring places in my life.  My husband is hoping our next trip is somewhere warmer and tropical. We shall see….