Basement Design Plan

Living Room | October 22, 2014

First of all thank you for all the kind words about our new website yesterday! You really are the best readers ever. Today I have a fun new design plan to share with you!

A very dear client of mine recently had Erin and I come out to help her with her basement. They just finished it and it’s a great blank slate.  

We came out to take a look at the progress on the space a few months ago.  The space had a large living/ entertaining area that led into a kitchen and a theater room. 
We chose neutral finishes in the kitchen and light gray paint color of the walls so that we could play with color in the furnishings and accessories. The space was not only going to function as a kid area but also a place where they could entertain with their adult friends. So the challenge was to make it feel fun and youthful but also sophisticated. This is the design plan we came up with:
The space is a little awkward in that we can’t really push any of the furniture up against walls. It all had to float in the middle of the room. 
We definitely wanted to make sure we had a rug to anchor the space. One of my very favorite rugs that I’ve used in many spaces is the Rosa Area rug
I love that it’s soft, has a classic pattern, and it’s not too light so it’s good for kids. Some of the other options that we suggested were:
We thought it would be good to do a neutral sofa so that she wouldn’t get sick of it if she wanted to change out the color scheme later on. They really wanted something tufted so this was our favorite option:
If our clients have kids we almost always recommend a West Elm sofa because they have a performance velvet option. It seriously cleans SO well.  I have a navy velvet loveseat in my living room and I never worry about things spilling on it. Since this living room is right next to a kitchen chances are they’ll be dealing with spills and stains. 
We also liked:
and for a budget friendly option in case she wanted to spend more money elsewhere…
Because we were doing a neutral sofa we thought it would be fun to do navy blue chairs. Ideally we were looking for something under $500 a piece. Here were a few that worked:
For the coffee table we sourced our favorite go-to table
And then a few other options:
Because the kitchen was very neutral we wanted to bring some color in with barstools.  These are pretty much my favorite bar stools ever:
I have them in my house and I love them. They are easy to clean and it gives you a chance to have a pattern without using fabric. LOVE! 
On the wall coming down from the stairs we thought a console table with some big art over it would be pretty.  
Another favorite is this Everett Foyer Table. We used it in this project
Another option was this table:
and this one…
As I mentioned above the table we wanted to put a big colorful piece of art. I honestly usually source from Minted when I need big art because they have so many options and they are reasonably priced for large art. 
In the back corner by the entrance to the theater room we decided to do a little area for the kids to play. My client does have a huge playroom upstairs but inevitably we knew kids toys would wander down to the basement. 
We thought a teepee would be fun for the kids to play in. 
And these baskets for storage. 
For the pillow plan we stuck with greens and blues. 
I can’t wait to share “after” pictures once they start buying everything!