Feature Friday: Domestic Fashionista

Our Work | October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!! Today I am featuring the home of blogger Ashley Urke from the blog Domestic Fashionista. Here is what she says she loves most about her home:  

What I love most about my home
is that it is a reflection of my family.  Family photos hang on the wall
along with art that has been collected when we travel.  Without any
words our walls tell a story.  Our home has been collected over time
with a mix of old thrift store finds, gifts from friends and family, as
well as little bits of decor to reflect current trends.  Creating an
eclectic look makes decorating our home affordable, unique, and full of
life.  I try to keep my home up to date with my love for style while
still honoring a space that serves our family well.  At the end of the
day, if we can find comfort in the peacefulness of our home, I know that
my efforts at making our house a home was a success!


Thanks so much Ashley for sharing her home tour with us. Make sure you check out her blog here