Traditional Living Room Planning

Apple Drive Residence | February 17, 2015

Last April we started working with a cute client who wanted to freshen up her Living Room.  
She had a bright red couch but wanted to make the room feel a little more subtle and light.  
Big heavy window treatments and tuscan paint didn’t help either.  She had a good budget but it wasn’t huge so we really had to be careful with what we splurged on in the space.  When we went out for the consult we talked about switching out the rug but decided it would be a lot of money out of our budget to get a new one. The rug was HUGE and big rugs are not cheap.  We also needed to get ALL new furniture so a new rug wasn’t in the budget.  
We also decided to take down the drapes and leave the room with out window treatments. The room didn’t really need them and this was another place we could save money.  This is the design board we sent over:
The rug had a lot of blues, golds and reds. We picked this floral to use as pillows to tie the rug into the space.  
The fabric is pricy so to save money we just bought a yard.  We picked out a solid color for the pillow backs so we could get two pillows out of the one yard.  To bring in the blue we also did pillows in this fabric:
And then we did some pillows in yellow to tie in the gold from the rug. 
Our client also LOVED the Carlisle Sofa from Pottery Barn but to get it in the size and fabric she wanted it would have been over $2,000.  
So we found this one at Home Decorators Collection
We liked that it was a really similar but half the price! Ultimately we ended up having the sofa custom made because we wanted it to be bigger than the Home Decorators sofa and we wanted a down fill blend.  
On either side of the sofa we thought small scale chairs would be good.  These are some of the options we sourced:
In the end our client chose the Westfield chairs.  They were a really good scale and less than $450 a piece.  We also liked how the red was a little deeper because it went better with the rug.  
Because we were doing red chairs we thought it would be pretty to bring in some blue x benches by the fireplace.  
Behind the sofa we wanted to do a long sofa table.  One of our go to products is the Everett Foyer Table from World Market. 
We used it in this home
For the coffee table these were some options we gave: 
We liked how the Carington Coffee Table was round and also a light white wood.  So that’s the one we ended up going with.  
Tomorrow I’ll post the reveal and you can see how it all came together!