Tips for a Perfectly Styled Kitchen

Favorite Products | September 16, 2015

Kitchens seem to be the part of the house that can clutter up fast. But when accessorizing your kitchen you can add both style and function to create a beautiful space. We’ve come up with our favorite tips for creating a perfectly styled kitchen.


Photo by Lindsey Orton


Photo by Lindsey Orton


Photo by Lindsey Orton


Photo by Lindsey Orton


Photo by Lindsey Orton


Photo by Kate Osborn

Photo by Kate Osborn

KEEP IT CONTAINED: Using baskets or trays is probably our favorite trick to accessorizing a kitchen space. It creates an area for the eye to be drawn to. It also allows you to create a well-styled vignette that won’t look cluttered.

DISPLAY WHAT YOU ACTUALLY USE: A kitchen is all about function. If it doesn’t work for you then it is not going to be functional for daily use. The thing to remember is display what you actually use. Say you have a beautiful cake stand or a platter that has been in the family for years. Use those as part of your accessories. You can also keep your favorite small appliances out (think KitchenAid), but keep those to a minimum.

ADD GREENERY & ART: Adding greenery and art is an easy way to bring in more style and layers. Live plants bring the outdoors in and creates a fresh feeling to any space. Remember, though, to keep the greenery small and contained on a kitchen counter. You don’t want it spilling all over the counter. Small art prints allow color and personal touches to be added to what can feel like a hard space. Both greenery and art break up the monotony of a “kitchen” feel and really make it inviting and feel like home.

CREATE GROUPINGS: We’ve all seen those kitchen counters where there is something covering every inch of the backsplash. It is overwhelming and feels cluttered. One key to accessorizing a kitchen is to create groupings. A good rule to follow is to used groups of three. Bare counter space is a good thing! When there are a few small groupings it give the visual of having a purpose for being placed there. It also allows your eyes not to be overwhelmed by what it is looking at.

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