Creating Kid’s Rooms That are Meaningful

Favorite Products | December 30, 2015

Decorating a child’s space can be daunting and sometimes it is hard to even know where to start. One thing we love to do is to personalize each space to the child’s interests or sentimental meanings of the family. It allows the space to feel more meaningful and instantly gives it a home-like feel for the children.

We have completed a few spaces in our own homes and client’s homes that we have personalized. The results have become some of our favorites!

This first room is Kirsten’s boy’s room. Airplanes have sentimental meaning as her husband is a pilot. We wanted to incorporate airplanes throughout the space without being overboard.


We found this prop plane print and used it as a jumping off point. Adding framed photos of the sky and other airplane accessories added just enough personalization without going overboard.16777207323_a0b8255a38_o


In this playroom our client wanted to incorporate an art center in their playroom. The children were constantly coloring, drawing and painting and our client found their creations were landing all over the house. We created a place where they could display their art and also a designated place for them to continue to be creative.

The metal carts held all their art supplies which allowed for organization for all the various papers, markers and paints.playroom_53-1024x681


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In this client’s nursery, the family had just moved from Hawaii and wanted to incorporate a Hawaiian influence. We used more jewel toned and tropical colors without sacrificing a nursery feel.Samantha-Kelly-Photography-9001


We found simple prints and shells and created a collage that would hold sentimental value for the growing family.Samantha-Kelly-Photography-9008


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In this teen’s bedroom, she also was very artistic and wanted a space to draw (and do homework too) and then a place she could display those art pieces. We incorporated a desk with ample storage nearby.


We also added this pin board where she could continue to add her drawings in an organized and beautiful way.IMG_4308_1


Whether your you are wanting to encourage and use your child’s interests as a jumping off point, or if there is a sentimental meaning to your family you can easily personalize your space.

We found some of our favorite items around the web that may help you in personalizing your child’s space.

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