Our Favorite Barstools

Favorite Products | January 14, 2016

Finding the right barstool can be tricky. As designers we always try and find a balance between one that is practical for our clients, without sacrificing style. We always have to take in account kids and how often they’ll be used. Luckily for us, barstools are made very well now so we don’t usually have to worry too much.

In the Riverside Residence we went with more of a bistro-type barstool. We wanted something that was light and would compliment the blue paint on the kitchen island.  houseofjade-apr14-0172



One of our favorite barstools we have used more than once is the counter-high bench we had custom made (can be purchased through us). It is a great alternative to traditional barstools. We love it because it is a comfortable place for the family to sit and gather. Using outdoor fabric also makes it easy to clean and wipe away spills. It over all is a House of Jade Favorite. 


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Another favorite we used in the Modern Farmhouse. We love the rattan seat and back, which allow crumbs and spills go directly to the floor (easy clean up!). It also packs a punch of style and design, without being overbearing or heavy.



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In addition to these House of Jade favorites, there are many more barstools we love.

We have rounded a few of them up for you below!


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