Adding Wall Sconces in Your Home

Favorite Products | March 10, 2016

One design element homeowners often overlook is lighting. Not only is lighting huge when it comes to making the space feel welcoming, but the fixtures themselves can really take it to the next level. When designing a space, we always discuss the lighting in each space. Is there enough natural light and artificial light? Are we creating an inviting space? Which fixtures will compliment the overall design?

One lighting element we love to incorporate are sconces. Using wall and shelving sconces instantly makes the space feel high-end and custom, and just really finishes off each space.

In our recent Mapleton New Build we used sconces on the living room built-ins. They help guide your eye up and also add that touch that really completes the room.


Sconces / Original Post / Becky Kimball Photography

We also incorporated wall sconces in the master bedroom by flanking each side of the bed with them. This adds additional reading light and also dimension to the space. We used these specific ones because there was no hardwiring done previously. All we had to do was secure the actual fixture to the wall and plug it in!



Sconces / Original Post / Becky Kimball Photography

In the Modern Farmhouse we used sconces in the office shelving. Just like the Mapleton New Build, it really draws your eye up and frames the built-ins. We also love how the darker finish compliments the black door and other black accents in the room.


Sconces / Original Post / Lindsey Orton Photography

You can also incorporate them in your kitchen. Put them over a sink or above shelving (as shown below) to add interest and most importantly additional lighting!



Have we convinced you yet how important lighting is in your home?

We wanted to share some of our favorite sconce options.


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