Selecting Living Room Side Tables

Favorite Products | March 15, 2016

Side tables often take a backseat when an entire room comes together, yet they are essential in the design of a space. They are never the focal point of the room but are so important to the scale, shape, flow and overall finished esthetic. Selecting the perfect side table is key when it comes to helping the design of a living room come together.

When we are sourcing side tables we consider the layout of the space and where they would best compliment the main furniture pieces. We also consider functionality, whether the room needs additional artificial lighting or more surface area. In the Mapleton New Build living room we decided to add an end table with a large lamp at the end of a sofa. This added some necessary height and additional lighting to the room.


Scale of the side tables is just as important as the placement. We like to use large tables when anchoring two sofas together. This not only adds functionality but connects the two pieces together. Usually for this purpose we will choose a side table that measures between 25 and 30 inches.


Original Post / Becky Kimball Photography

Original Post / Becky Kimball Photography

We will use smaller side tables between side chairs, like we did in the Hartford Living Room. Using large  and more heavy tables are too big and scale-wise just look odd next to medium to smaller pieces like side chairs.


Original Post / Lindsey Orton Photography2015krasonhometour_009

Original Post / Jessica Kettle Photography

We narrowed down some of our favorite side tables available around the Web right now.

Check them out if you’re in the hunt for the perfect side table!


Smaller Side Tables:  1  /  2  /  3

Larger Side Tables:  4  /  5  /  6  /  7

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