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Favorite Products | March 22, 2016


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The perfect piece of art can complete any room, hallway, or nook. Really art is that piece that finishes it off. It can bring in the necessary color, style or focal point needed. Let’s be honest, though, art can be pretty pricey. When searching for affordable art, Etsy is a great source. The problem is there seems to be endless options and sifting through it all can be daunting.

We’ve found some useful tricks and tips on how to search and find good art pieces that are affordable.

KNOW WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR  This one is key when it comes to searching on Etsy. Have an idea of the type of art you need and the space you want it to go. Are you wanting watercolor, oil painting, photography, giclee etc? A landscape, portrait, impressionist, abstract, etc.? Use those key words in your search.

SEARCH WITHIN YOUR BUDGET Since there are endless options on Etsy, it is helpful to search the pieces of art that are within your budget. How do you do that? There is a filter option on the left hand-side of the web page after you enter your search. It will get rid of the pieces you wouldn’t consider anyway. Such  a time saver.

ORIGINALS vs. PRINTS I’m sure we all would prefer an original piece of art, but let’s be honest that may not be a realistic option. A lot of Etsy shops will offer both Originals and Prints. Go for the prints! They’re just copies (legal ones of course) of the original piece.

HEAD OVER TO THE SHOP Say you find a piece of art you kind of like, but it isn’t quite the right piece. Chances are there are more similar options from the artist within that specific shop. Click on the shop name and you may find what you’re looking for.

PRINTABLES There are endless options of printables on Etsy. If you have a great printer or have a local printing company, printables are a great option for affordable art. How a printable works is you pay the artist or Etsy shop for the right to the file, they send it to you and you print it up yourself. If the print is not the size you are looking for, a lot of time you can contact the shop to see if they’d be willing to resize it for you. To find printables use that key word in your search.

Here are some of our favorite affordable art prints we’ve found on Etsy.

All start under $100!


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