House of Jade Interiors Baby Must-Haves

Favorite Products | April 27, 2016

It seems to be the year of babies here at House of Jade Interiors! Three of us have each had a baby in the last six months! Our conversation seems to revolve around our babies and what products we use. We’ve been able to test out new things this time around and revert back to the tried-and-true ones from previous kids. There are so many products out there, it is hard to know what is worth it and what isn’t. So we thought we would share with you some of our favorite baby must-haves!



//  My baby was born in the Spring but March in Utah can still be pretty cold. I love how warm and cozy this terry cloth gown is. It’s so snuggly I wish I had one in my size!

//  This carseat cover is a must have! I get so many compliments on it and it slides on and off my carseat so easily.

//  We are currently living with my parents while we are building our house. Our older kids are sharing a room and baby Claire is in our closet! I knew I wanted to find a portable and small sleeping solution for her. The dock at tot has been amazing! It’s super easy to transport and fits right in our closet. When we move to the house it will go with us into her crib. She loves it.

//  Claire is finally at the age where she is super interested in the world around her. This play mat and activity gym has been so fun for her.  She spends lots of time staring at all the colors and at her reflection in the acrylic frame.

//  We truly couldn’t live without our baby bouncer. The one we have I got 6 years ago on Craigslist and it’s still going strong!  This one is a similar version.

//  With three kids I don’t have a single extra hand so I knew I wanted a backpack for my diaper bag. What I love about this one is that it converts into a handbag when I want to take it to work. It wipes clean and has lots of pockets so it’s functional for all my baby needs

//  Claire takes a bath every night before bed.  I love that I can use this bathtub in our sink. We always follow bath time with a fluffy towel and a lavender massage.

//  My baby is a pooper! I love throwing these in my diaper bag for moments when I need to conceal that wonderful baby poo smell.  I couldn’t live without them.



//  Zara is my favorite place for clothes. I love this knit outfit.

//  My babies have always loved something soft next to their face when they sleep. My son loves this little tiger blankie. It’s super soft and small enough I don’t get nervous about him sleeping with it.

//  Honest Company shampoo and body wash is my favorite smell! I use it on all of my kids.

//  This third baby was my messiest eater. Every feeding was a soak fest, all over me and him! These bibs saved my life! I like how they snapped on so I wasn’t having to worry about a burp rag slipping and sliding every where. They soak up the liquid well without soaking through, and doubled as a burp cloth right after feeding.

//  My baby was born in winter so warm jammie’s doubled as outfits, for comfort but also convenience for me! My favorite are one piece footies. I love these organic sleepers. They are so soft, and they fit perfectly.

//  I’m kind of obsessed with swaddle blankets and these are one of my favs. They are soft and stretchy and have a pretty texture to them. They are warm but also breathable, good for sleeping and also not to hot for summer.

//  I knew this baby would be my last but I also wanted a new crib! I decided to go with this simple neutral one from ikea. It has turned out great, and was a great price!

//  My baby likes the nuk binkis and if any of you use those you know they roll like crazy! You drop it and it ends up 10 feet away under a piece of furniture! I desperately need a pacifier clip. I love this unique wooden one, it’s also eco friendly so I don’t mind when Jude sucks on it.



//  This is our first baby so we had a lot of big purchases. For my baby’s swing I got a 4Mom’s MamaRoo. It was a bit pricey but totally worth it. I love the sleek look and the different motion pattern options. The best part is you can control it from your phone!

//  My baby has loved the binky from day one. I got him this WubbaNub Giraffe and it was the best purchase. Brady will hold onto the arms and stroke the soft fabric. It’s pretty dang cute.

//  A friend recommended the NoseFrida Snotsucker (yes, that’s what it is actually called!). It is so great to get those boogers out. I swear I used it every day for the first few weeks after he was born. And you can wash it and get new filters which made me feel better knowing bacteria wasn’t building up.

//  I got this changing pad initially just because I thought it was cute. Total impulse buy. But I’ve been shocked with how often I pull it out in public for a clean place to lay my baby. It fits nicely in my diaper bag too!

//  I got this book and stuffed animal as a gift. I love it! They go together and it will be so fun when Brady gets old enough to hold onto the doggy while we read!

// One splurge I made was on our stroller. I did a ton of research and settled on the Baby Jogger City Select. It is perfect for us. I love how we really only have to buy one stroller. With all the different configurations it will be able grow with our family’s needs. It is so smooth and easy to maneuver. I can’t say enough about this stroller!

//  I love Baby Gap. I especially love their footed sleepers. They are soft and light-weight, but also will keep my baby warm. They fit perfectly and wash up better than the other brands I have tried.

//  Being a mom now and with my baby being born at the end of winter, germs are always at the forefront of my mind. I have loved having these pacifier wipes on hand for those times the binki or toys drop on the ground when we are out and about.

//  Another item I did a ton of searching for was my diaper bag. I wanted a diaper bag that didn’t look like one, but that was also functional for me. I went with the Fawn Design Diaper Bag. It is well-made and is big enough but not huge. I also love that it can be a backpack when I need extra hands.

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