Mixing Metals

Favorite Products | May 10, 2016

Some people think that if you have one kind of metal in a room you have to stick with it. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. We love mixing metals! There really aren’t any rules to picking one over the other. It is a matter of preference and is a big trend right now.

In the Centerville Residence we brought in a little interest by adding matte black faucets into the otherwise brass/gold hardware and lighting. We love the subtle contrast it brings into the space! If you weren’t paying attention you may not have even noticed and that’s what we love about it.



Hardware / Rug / Sconce

Photography by Becky Kimball

We also mixed metal hardware in the Modern Farmhouse kitchen. We chose the antique bronze pulls and knobs and again mixed it with the matte black faucet (can you tell this is one of our favorite combos?). We also continued with the iron look with the open shelving above the wet bar. It subtly brings your eye up.


See how the mixture of gold and black go so well together in this space?


Knobs / Pulls / Faucet (Similar)

Photography by Lindsey Orton

Another combination people may be afraid of is the nickel and chrome finishes with the brass and gold. In the Riverside Master Bathroom we left the doors knobs and faucets all a satin nickel and contrasted using brass sconces, mirrors and hardware. Many homes are build with the nickel, so just adding brass hardware on the cabinets alone will make your bathroom feel more high end.

houseofjade-apr14-0273 (1)

Photography by Lindsey Orton

Recently, in the Mapleton New Build, we used the dark steel library sconces and contrasted it with the nickel on the cabinet pulls. It adds depth and interest to the space. The black tone from the lighting draws your eyes up and also over as they flank the fireplace.


One of the easiest places (and cheapest) you can mix metals in your accessories. Many people are afraid to use brass in their accessories because everything else is silver. Don’t let that hold you back! In this living room we used gold accents in the accessories we used in the built ins and also brought in some gold with the floor lamp.


Sconce / Cabinet Pulls (Similar) / Floor Lamp 

Photography by Becky Kimball

We’ve gathered some of our favorite hardware combinations when it comes to mixing metals.


Antique Brass Cabinet Pull  +  Matte Black Faucet

Aged Steel Library Sconce  +  Modern Natural Brass Pull

Brushed Gold Center Bar Pull  +  Satin Nickel Bathroom Faucet

Nickel Flared Glass Sconce  +  Matte Bronze Card File Pull

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