Nightstand Styling Tips with Lulu & Georgia

Bedroom | September 11, 2016

Today we are partnering up with one of our favorite sources for accessories and more, Lulu & Georgia to talk about Nightstand Styling.


When styling a nightstand we have a few key tips that will help you get it right every time!


1 // Greenery

One of the most luxurious feeling things you can have by your bedside is fresh-cut flowers.  I picked up this variety at Costco! For less than $20 I have an arrangement that will last for a couple of weeks.  I like to have a vase on hand for the times when I have flowers I want to display.  This Faceted White Vase is a favorite of ours. We’ve used it several times in projects.

2 // Candles

I work in my bed a lot at night and when I do I like to have music going (currently loving The Weepies station on Pandora) and a candle lit.

3 //  Trays & Bowls

Trays and bowls are a MUST on our nightstands.  I always have to have some place to put my earrings at the end of the day, my car keys, our t.v. remotes and other random odds and ends that don’t have a place.  If your nightstand is larger it’s especially nice to add trays or bowls to create some separation.  I’m kinda obsessed with the Ambry Vanity Tray. The slight color variation is so pretty.


4 // Something Sentimental

A bedroom is a very personal place and because of that I like to add touches that are somewhat sentimental.  On my husbands nightstand I have a picture of our little girl and above mine I have a painting that was my grandma’s. If you are framing a picture I’d pick a simple and classic frame like the Brass Riah Frame. Because this frame is simple and classic I can easily switch out the pictures inside to anything I want.


5 // Awesome Lamps

Great lighting is crucial in a bedroom. I always love wall mounted sconces but because we have a window to one side I decided to go with great table lamps instead.  I love the shape of these lamps and the creamy white finish.

If you stick with these few items you’ll enjoy a nightstand that is not only beautiful but very functional!


Bowls / Lamp / Gold Frame / Textured Tray / Grapefruit Candle / Coconut Mango Candle / Neutral Tray /  Vases 

This post is sponsored by Lulu & Georgia but all opinions and thoughts are 100% our own!