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Favorite Products | October 10, 2016

The design world is constantly changing leaving us on our toes anxiously waiting to see what the next new thing will be. We know that keeping up with these trends can be a bit tiresome, so we wanted to help out our viewers by highlighting some of our favorite design trends circling the web right now.


Subtle Green Paint Color//

We have been seeing the color green popping up everywhere and we absolutely love it! We are mostly seeing softer greens like this one in our Modern Farmhouse. This color is actually a gray that pulls green so it feels nice and neutral.

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Photography: Lindsey Orton


Natural Woods//

We have noticed that natural woods have started to make a come back in the design world. Wood tones bring in a texture and warmth into a space. We love to use wood in decorative elements such as this mantle or in the legs on the sofa. Wood can also be incorporated in your accessories items such as decorative bowls and objects. The key to this trend is using woods that pull more gray instead of red like in your traditional cherry wood.

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Photography: Becky Kimball


Turkish Rugs//

We don’t know about you but we love Turkish rugs! We try to incorporate them as much as we can in our designs. These rugs are usually all very unique to each other in different patterns and different color ways. They can add color, texture and pattern in to a space. In this space we chose a black and white Turkish rug to add contrast to this neutral office. They  can make a space feel eclectic and unique.

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Photography: Becky Kimball


Hand Blocked Fabrics//

One of our favorite ways to integrate color in the rooms we design is through pillows. Fabric companies have started to make many different patterns of hand blocked fabrics to their stores. We love to use hand blocked floral and geometric patterns. You can even find a couple of these patterns on our shop.


Muted Color Scheme//

We have been loving how muted color schemes have been showing up all over in interior design. What better way to have color in a room with out it being too bright? Muted color schemes are soft colors with a white hue added to them like blush, mauve, rose, olive, and steel-blue. These colors can make a space feel soft and dreamy. We especially like muted colors in bedrooms like this one.

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Photography: Becky Kimball


Metal Finish//

Brass has been all of the rage in metal finishes for the past couple years. Now we are starting to see matte black or oil rubbed bronze finish showing up to compete. The nice thing about the black is that it is very classic so you never have to worry about it going out of style. We love to mix the two metal finished together, for more check out our Mixing Metals Post

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Photography: Becky Kimball