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Our Work | May 22, 2017

 At House of Jade, we want to please all of our clients by giving them different options for design services. One of our very common services is E-Design.  This is a great option for those clients that want design services on a budget. E-Design has enabled us to help clients from all over the world! It is perfect for the client who is proactive and good at decision-making but just needs a little help putting a plan together. We want to make sure that this process is a good fit for each of our prospective clients. The following are the steps of our E-Design process.

Step 1 // Fill Out Client Form

Fill out the form and you will be contacted by a House of Jade Interiors Design Assistant to get started. The design assistants will work with you to figure out the scope of your space and get the necessary information from you to get a quote from our services.

Step 2 //Design Consult

Once you submit your client form, one of our team members will contact you. It’s during this time that we nail down what you need for your space, the budget, and your style & vision. We will give you a quote of what it will cost for our services and once we receive the deposit we get to work.

Step 3// Receive Design Plan

Now the fun begins! When we are finished designing your space, we will send you a shopping list, design board, and room layout. We’ll give you a few options for each item we source and put our favorites on a design board so you can visualize the design. If there is something not quite right with your design, we offer a couple revisions if needed.

Below is a design board for one of our client’s living rooms. The client wanted a living space where her family could entertain guests, watch TV, play games, and chat with people while cooking. She wanted her space to be beautiful and to feel comfortable enough to live in. She had a lot of great existing furniture for us to work with, so it really all we had to do was make the space all come together.


Leather Recliner//Throw Blanket// Woven Shades// Chandelier // Blue Area Rug//Slipcover Sofa// Coffee Table// Slipcover Armchair // Side Table// Media Console 

Here are some of the progress photos of the room so far. She still has a few items coming (i.e. pillows, art, and accessories) but for the most part, her space is coming together beautifully.

We are offering 20% off our E-Design services if you book with us during the month of June!

If you are interested, head to our Web site and fill out a client form to get started

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