HOJ Studio Design Planning

Our Work | May 15, 2017

We have some exciting news for all of you…we are getting a new studio! Our company has been growing so much, it is time for a bigger space for us. We wanted a studio space that could be close to our homes and we could really make our own. After looking all over the area and finding nothing we loved, we came up with the idea to have the studio on Erin’s property. We are renovating an old stand alone garage right next to Erin’s new house. It doesn’t look like much right now but when we are finished with it, we think it will look amazing!

  Our main goal for the design for our studio is to reflect the style and design aesthetic of House of Jade. This will be a place for clients to see in real life what our team can do.

These are some inspiration images we have been loving.

Image Source: Amber Interiors
Image Source: Amber Interiors
Image Source: Welke
Image Source: Atlanta Homes
Image Source: Atlanta Homes

We have been drawn to farmhouses and country barn exteriors. We love that these styles will look very cohesive next door to Erin’s new home. Our main priority in our design was to make this space not look like an old garage! So first things first was the front exterior. To make this small space seem a little larger we knew we needed to add a lot of natural light. To do this we are totally renovating it! We will be adding large windows and beautiful custom barn doors made by Rustica Hardware, that will make it the charming barn look we have been wanting.


We have faced some challenges while trying to figure out the most effective space plan for such a small space. We wanted our office area to be open for our team members to collaborate with each other and keep our team unified.  We also needed to add walls to separate a conference room, breakroom, storage space, and restroom. This studio will be a place for our employees to work and also be a place where we can meet with our clients to go over designs.

We are beyond excited to have this studio space finished and ready to moved in. We hope you follow along on our journey in creating the perfect space for our House of Jade team 🙂