One Room Challenge – Kitchen Reveal

Kitchen | May 7, 2019

The final reveal day of the One Room Challenge has arrived! This small kitchen has undergone some major changes. Let’s take a look back at where we started…

It was a nice kitchen but it lacked any personality or design that set it apart.  The new kitchen works with the same layout but through added custom cabinetry, beautiful appliances and lots of great designer products and details the space has new life!

First let’s talk about those stunning appliances shall we? As designers we know the value well designed appliances can bring to a space.  You should consider your appliances as the main players in your kitchen.  They are an investment and if chosen wisely can be in your home for years and years to come.  They are also the work horses of the space so it’s important that they are functional and have the quality you need to last a lifetime.  The Big Chill Classic Collection is truly what our kitchen dreams are made of.

The Big Chill Classic Stove was the jumping off point for our entire kitchen remodel. One of our favorite things about the Big Chill brand is that they have over 200 colors to choose from.  We narrowed our stove selection down to some beautiful blue grays and ultimately chose basalt gray.  It’s the most beautiful blue gray color and we just love how it stands out against the white cabinetry.

The Classic Fridge from Big Chill is such a showstopper! Not only is this fridge stunning to look at it’s also fully functional with 22.3 cubic feet capacity, an internal water dispenser and ice maker.  We love having the water and ice hidden away inside the fridge so the outside remains aesthetically pleasing and blends in with the white cabinetry.

The Big Chill Classic Dishwasher is the prettiest dishwasher we’ve ever seen! Who knew doing dishes could look this good. Opening up to the stainless steel interior with the beautiful brass and nickel handle actually makes us excited to do dishes.

After choosing such beautiful appliances we had to make sure our hood insert fit the aesthetic and vibe of our modern country kitchen. We didn’t want anything too modern but it also needed to feel streamlined and work like a dream.  Enter the Faber Inca Lux insert. We have been so impressed with this insert! It’s so sleek and it hides the grease filters so it doesn’t look like any insert we’ve seen before.  It’s also super quite and has beautiful light options that make us feel like we’ve upgraded to dimmable under cabinet lights without the added cost! The best thing about the Faber Inca Lux insert is that it has an option to be ductless which is what we needed for this kitchen.

In week 3 we mentioned we were teaming up with Overstock for the kitchen furniture. It’s amazing how high end these pieces look and feel! The Flint Rattan Seat Backless Counter Stool adds the perfect country touch. The bentwood detail and caned seat is so classic.

We knew we wanted a wood table to add some warmth to the stark white walls and cabinets. The Chatham Downs 88-Inch Rectangle Dining Table in Weathered Teak Finish is such a nice table. It’s real teak and is so heavy duty. We had to call a few neighbors over just to get it in our house. You can tell it’s a very quality piece.  The Baxton stackable indoor/outdoor chairs are exactly what the table needed. the lightness of these chairs keeps the space from feeling too weighed down but the brown frame detail goes with the table perfectly.  They have already been through a few meals and have held up to kids wonderfully!

The Metrie pre-primed Modern Farmhouse shiplap is the perfect backdrop to our modern country kitchen.  We love how it adds such character to this standard builder grade home. We wrapped most of the kitchen and dining area in it so that it really makes a statement.  We also used Metrie’s Vintage Industrial crown molding. We love how crown molding makes a home feel classic and a bit traditional but we didn’t want it to feel too traditional.  Metrie’s Vintage Industrial crown molding is the perfect mix of traditional and modern.

The other main player in the kitchen are the lights. Oh how we adore each of the lights we chose. The Metal No. 1 pendants feel vintage which is just what our modern country kitchen needed.  Hudson Valley has the prettiest antique brass on their light fixture and we couldn’t help but use the brass finish on the other light fixtures in the kitchen.

The Gaines Picture Light  and the Pelham Wall Sconce are some of our very favorites pieces from Hudson Valley  so we were so excited to be able to use them. The Gaines Picture Light highlights the Wild Radish & the Italian Hillside art prints from Minted so well.

Let’s talk next about some of the accessories for the kitchen. Accessorizing a finished space is one of our very favorite things to do. We adore this statement bowl from Jill Rosenwald. She has so many colors to choose from. We really wanted something that had some vibrant color to offset all of the white we had going on and it’s perfect!

Also can we talk about how pretty everything looks with the Bulevar White Ceramic Wall Tile from the Tile Shop? In our heads we envisioned a spin on the classic subway. We wanted something with some textured that looked more handmade than your standard subway. This tile is everything we wanted it to be! The subtle texture and glossy sheen is just what we were looking for.

As previously mentioned one of our very favorite ways to add life and color to a space without the maintenance is high quality faux plants. We were so excited to see that NDI was a sponsor of the One Room Challenge because we are huge fans of their products. We chose a variety of their plants including the NDI Faux Lilac  on the island and the NDI Faux Olive Branch on the table.

For the hardware we went back and forth between nickel and brass but ultimately settled on nickel to go with the bold nickel hinges on the fridge.

We combined the Menlo Park Knobs  with the  Schaub & Company Menlo Park Pulls  on the cabinets.  We also wanted to add some cabinet latches into the mix. They are a fun way to mix it up. We chose the Emtek Cabinet Latches and were so happy to see the nickel on the latches worked perfectly with the knobs and pulls.

We also worked with Emtek on doing the hardware for the Thermatru doors we have in the space. We chose the Emtek Norwich Knobs  and the Emtek Surface Bolts to add some vintage details.  The surface bolts add so much to these doors! The black is such a nice contrast in the all white room.

Another one of our favorite products we sourced for the kitchen are these custom linen shades from Barn & Willow. 

They are the Barn & Willow Mist Gray Belgian flax linen shades. That little hint of color is so soft and pretty on the shiplap walls. We truly wish we could put them in every window in the house we love them that much.  Custom shades are an investment in a home and are worth every penny.

Thank you so much to all of the sponsors who made this remodel possible – photos by Lindsay Salazar

fridge- Big Chill Classic Fridge // oven- Big Chill Classic Stove // dishwasher-Big Chill Classic Dishwasher // shiplap – Metrie pre-primed Modern Farmhouse shiplap // cabinet crown molding – Metrie’s Vintage Industrial crown molding//  island paint color- Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray  // open shelving –  custom by Britt Clark (801.362.6733) // stools – Flint Rattan Seat Backless Counter Stool // dining chairs –Baxton stackable indoor/outdoor chairs // dining table – Chatham Downs 88-Inch Rectangle Dining Table in Weathered Teak Finish // pendants – Metal No. 1 // sink wall sconce – Pelham Wall Sconce // picture lights – Gaines Picture Light // art – Lemons and Oranges, Wild Radish & the Italian Hillside // hood insert –Faber Inca Lux // door surface bolts – Emtek Surface Bolts // door hardware – Emtek Norwich Knobs // cabinet knobs – Schaub & Company Menlo Park Knobs // drawer pulls – Schaub & Company Menlo Park Pulls  //cabinet latches – Emtek Cabinet Latches . //  custom roman shades – Barn & Willow Mist Gray Belgian flax linen  // backsplash tile – Bulevar White Ceramic Wall Tile

Tile Installed – Alex Nelson (385.309.7779) // Painting – (Jagy Elegant Painting – 801.550.2127) // Contractor – Stewart Hess ( 801.448.5200) // Custom Cabinets – Britt Clark (801.362.6733)

white lilac – NDI Faux Lilac  // olive branch greenery – NDI Faux Olive Branch // purple lilac – NDI Faux Lilac // topiary // herbs – NDI Herbs Set of 3 // hand-painted bowl for artichokes –  Jill Rosenwald Coper Bowl // terracotta pots //  french market bag //

If you are excited about this project don’t forget to check out the whole group of One Room Challenge Designers. There are so many amazing reveals!

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