Devine Part Three: Master Suite

Devine Home | October 29, 2020

Today we’re taking you through the Devine Build Master Suite. When we met with the Devine’s to go over their master bedroom they mentioned wanting to have a very neutral, mostly white vibe. They wanted all-white linens and lots and LOTS of texture. We’re never mad about that.

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They showed us an inspirational image with a very distinct wall treatment.  The wall design was very graphic with straight lines and hard angles.  We wanted to balance that out with soft linens and curved furniture.  The headboard is all linen. It’s very simple and it lets our intricate wall detail shine.  We wanted the nightstands to have a “found” quality so we did mismatched pieces but they are tied together with the wood finish.  Our favorite thing about the bed and the bedding is that it can still be beautiful even if it’s not made. Everything looks heavenly and cozy even if the sheets aren’t perfectly straight!

And an arched door, of course! This design element is carried throughout the home.

The master bathroom is framed out in our beautiful arched doors that set the stage so perfectly.  We had custom mirrors made in a raw metal that fill the big open wall above the vanities.  Against the freestanding tub is a textured tiled wall that gives us so much interest.  We brought a colorful runner onto the floor to give us just a peak of color. 

The bathroom and bedroom are kept very white and neutral to create a sanctuary for the Devine’s when they need a little escape. The ottoman is so versatile it serves a seating for the bathroom vanity as well as the other ottomans in their basement.

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Photography by Lindsay Salazar, see more Brad & Hailey on instagram and YouTube!