Devine Part Four: The Basement

Devine Home | November 3, 2020

Welcome to the Devine’s basement! This space is all about comfort and color with a vintage twist.

Through the arches you’ll find the kitchenette and game area! It’s hard to pick favorites down here but the vintage gallery wall steals the show! We sourced original art from all over the world and mixed the originals with a few printables to keep it all in budget.  We had the printables custom framed so it’s hard to even figure out which is real and which is not! The dark on dark countertops and cabinetry create a moody vibe. The freestanding island is the perfect touch.  The finish is rustic and raw and the swivel stools underneath give the option for people to pull up a seat for snacks or a game. 

To the left we created a cozy seating area for those who want to sit down and chat while they watch friends play a game of ping pong.

Shop the Bolah Chair

When you come downstairs you are met with a view of the most perfect blue sofa.  This piece is cozy, comfortable and adds just the pop of color the Devine’s were craving.  We flanked the fireplace with two overstuffed white chairs to keep the cozy theme going.  The poufs add variety to the space as you can pull them up to rest your feet wherever you need them or use them for extra seating if called for. 

Shop the Banks Side Table and Cleo Ottoman

The wood side table warms up the space. Brad and Hailey were big on unexpected elements down here so we put a pendant hanging from the middle of the room to draw your eye up.  Our Cleo Ottomans are such a fun shape and can be so versatile! The fireplace took up a big chunk of visual space in the middle of the basement so we decided to carve out niches on either side to place wood. The texture and warmth do so much for the white walls!

The options for fun are endless in the Devine’s basement and we feel lucky we got to help create such a useful and beautiful space. Get caught up by checking out the part one, part two and part three photo tours, and follow along on Instagram!

Photography by Lindsay Salazar, see more Brad & Hailey on instagram and YouTube!